Thursday, 1 August 2013

Wednesday Wants

You might find this a little hard to believe but I am having a hard time buying dresses right now.  There's just not much around that I love and I have promised myself that I will only buy things I really love rather than something I like or something because I want a new dress and can't find anything better.  Most dresses seem to be smock like which just doesn't suit me like a nice fitted skater dress does.  I need something to highlight my waist and make the most of my curves whilst hiding the bits I wish would disappear.

This said I have fallen for another Whitepepper dress, it could totally be altered to give me a waist, right?!  It's the perfect shade of yellow and should be a good length on me.  I haven't been able to find another yellow dress I like more and I obviously need another yellow dress don't I!  I've resisted buying from Whitepepper so far and am so tempted by this dress, what do you think? Is it a yes or no on me?

I have already bought the more structured formal version of this hatched horses dress from French Connection which I am yet to wear (saving it for a suitable occasion!) but am totally drawn to this chiffon floaty dress.  I love how the fabric hangs, it would be the perfect all year round dress.

I am totally smitten by the this print and the shape couldn't be more perfect.  Lovely and retro.  I have tried to track this down in store so I can try it on to no avail so I am going to have to order it online.  They also do a top and a skirt in this print if you're interested.

Dress: Oasis

I have been totally crushing on these amazing Chie Mihara ankle boots this week, in fact they are on their way as I type.  I am really hoping they are flattering on my calves as I can see myself living in them when I need something a bit dressier than my usual Converse.  I love that they are kind of a cross between a pair of shoes and ankle boots but more like shoes than shoe boots are.  Am I even making any sense?! 

What's on your must have list this week?



  1. I understand the shoe-waffle, and I think they'll be lovely.
    Not sold on the Whitepepper dress, it's a pretty colour but pricey if you're going to have to alter it..

  2. You're a drexpert...wonder if you have any ideas, I am looking for a bridesmaid dress for 1-3 bridesmaids (havent decided whether its just my sister or 2 more friends). I don't want it to traditional, prommy or spangly, just a simple maxi or midi dress in cobalt blue and not too expensive (£40-50). I've looked at all the usual places, asos, high street but nothing is the right length or style! Wondered if you had any ideas for online shops that might have what I am after

  3. Hi Kati

    I don't wear either maxi or midi dresses myself but have had a quick look on I searched for cobalt dress and found these ones:

    Not sure if any of those are suitable. I recommend searching on shopstyle, checking eBay and looking at the Chinese companies you can order to size on. I haven't used any of those personally but know people who have.

    1. Thanks my dear, wonderful of you to help me so much!

  4. Ooooo that print on the Oasis print is gorgeous!

  5. Omg I love those shoes!
    I agree with the whole smock situation, not for me. The word "smock" actually makes me shudder for some reason haha, I also associate smocks with maternity wear too? X

  6. Yeah, I'm with you on the smock situation, NOT a good look for me!

    Maria xxx


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