Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wednesday Wants

A few weeks ago I decided I was going to try and concentrate on quality over quantity and make some investment purchases where dresses are concerned but I think I have taken that a step too far and am now coverting dresses that will unfortunately never be in my budget even when they are in the sale.  This dress by Giles is breathtaking.  Note to self - stop looking at expensive dresses!

Dress: Giles

I think I have found the white dress of my dreams but am worried that it might be a bit too bridal being lace, what do you guys think?  You can't beat a pretty dress in this weather and this is as pretty as they come!  Would totally rock it in winter too with a pair of black opaques and a little black cardi, I love the contrast between black and white.  Shame their isn't much contrast between this dress and my bottle white legs!

Dress: Darling

I am trying to convince Gray that we need to get a paddling pool in the garden!  He is worried about killing the grass but I think it's all worth it to cool down in this heatwave we are having.  It has actually been a relief to come to work to sit in the cool air conditioned offices.  And don't even get me started on attempting to get a good nights sleep.  A pool would make it all better though wouldn't it?!  I love the Savannah Swimsuit and the matching bikini, the colours are just perfect.  I have found so many cool vintage swimwear recently.  Pass me the suntan lotion and an icy cocktail please.

Swimsuit: My Curves & Me

My feet like to expand in this heat so I have been coverting canvas pumps for comfort and lets face it they are pretty cute too.  I'm not really a sandals girl and you won't catch me in real trainers, much prefer my shoes to cover my toes whilst still looking pretty!  The ever lovely Gem picked me up a pair of white Converse dance lace from Cardiff as I couldn't get them locally and now I fancy a pair of these ballerinas, perfect to wear with dresses.  Are you a shoe or a sandal girl when it gets hot?

I could do with winning the lottery so I can buy all the pretty dresses I set my heart on, and a second home to house them all!  I gave loads of old clothing and shoes to the blogger babes who came to stay last weekend and the rest is set to hit a charity shop in Warwick soon.  Think I had 6 of the huge Ikea bags full and I am sure I could be more ruthless yet as I still have 3 double wardrobes and numerous storage bags full :-/  Yet I always have nothing to wear! haha.



  1. I hate having warm feet, so sandals are definitely my preferred footwear choice when it's this hot. I don't think the lace dress is too bridal.

  2. I feel you on having nothing to wear although I have no where as near as many clothes as you - i'm very impressed! That Giles dress is to die for!

  3. I love canvas shoes in this weather, I can't really handle sandals- I have brought some but they cover my toes!
    I know what you mean about looking at expensive dresses. I keep convincing myself I can afford Ted Baker dresses- then look at the website and realise I can't lol.
    The white dress isn't bridal at all :)

  4. I want those dresses, they are so pretty!
    The white dress isn't too bridal, provided that you don't wear it to a Wedding it'll look fab. x


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