Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wednesday Wants

I have yet to embrace the all white trend that I have seen others pulling off effortlessly.  I am not sure I can, maybe it's because my skin is not much darker or maybe because it screams bridal to me when in my favourite dress shape, the skater.  I'm not sure what it is to be honest.  I have a few white dresses (excluding my wedding dress, obvs!) but usually team them with black tights for the contrast which makes it so much easier for me to wear.  I have been having a good look round this week and there are some BEAUTIFUL all white dresses out there so I may have to give it a go... or ask for some fake tan recommendations. One that doesn't smell of biscuits.

This dress is from the asos petite range, can't imagine the model is actually petite though so hopefully that means it would still be a good length on me.  It is so beautiful.  I love the silver shoes too though I am more likely to go for gold, silver isn't good next to my skin either :(

Dress: asos

I love the crochet overlay on this beautiful dress from Bank Fashion.  Imagine the dodgy tan lines you might end up with after a day in the sun... could make for an interesting conversation!   It's so cute and looks like it would be really easy to wear and is perfect for either dressing up or down.

 Dress: Bank Fashion

Unfortunately you can't see the beautiful embroidry detail on this cotton sundress that well.  It's got some gorgeous detailing round the waist.  Perfect for a lazy summers day.  Not sure it would look that great after I have dribbled my ice cream down it though! haha.

Dress: Topshop

I am getting the urge to put some black desert boots like these ones with one of these pretty white dresses just to toughen them up a bit, I am guessing that is going against the all white trend, I have never been good at following trends though!  Would also team them with my favourite leather jacket as long as it's not as scorchio as it is right now.

One thing I defo don't think many people can pull off is white swimwear... unless you avoid all water, I have yet to see one that doesn't go see thru when wet!  I have been wishing for a paddling pool for the back garden during this mini heatwave and thought this beautiful swimsuit by Kelly Brook for New Look would be perfect, it's kinda white with the added distraction of a super cute print hopefully covering up anything you don't want to be on show ;)

Swimsuit: New Look

Have you fallen for the all white trend yet?  Do you think pale skinned beauties can pull it off?!



  1. I'm too clumsy to wear all white but that white asos dress is a beauty!

  2. I absolutely love the white asos dress :) its beautiful! Xx

  3. I love the white trend but it's quite annoying when trying to find a dress for my cousin's wedding. All the best ones are white, lol. That ASOS dress is beautiful! :) x

  4. These dresses are all gorgeous. I am so pale and so clumsy so not sure the trend would work for me :-/ x


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