Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday Sweets #34 Outrageous Chocolate Orange Cake

Last week Gray turned 30 and this called for a pretty spectacular birthday cake.  He ended up with two cakes for two celebration meals, I had strict instructions to make one as chocolatey as possible and I think I achieved this!  I've had a few requests for the recipe - I used my chocolate orange marble cake recipe as the base and increased the quantities by half so I could make it into a double layer cake.  I sandwiched it together with chocolate fudge icing and then covered the outside with the same.  Then came the fun part...  I used 2.5 boxes of chocolate orange matchmakers, 5 bags of chocolate orange aero balls and a chocolate orange to decorate it. 

Putting it together was pretty straight forward, I stuck the matchmakers round the edge of the cake using the fudge to glue them in place.  I then placed chocolate orange segments around the edge to give the matchmakers a bit of support from the weight of the balls as they are pretty fragile.  All that was left was to tip in the balls!  I had to keep the cake in the fridge as it was just so hot and the chocolate started to droop, I was a bit worried about the sponge drying out but thankfully it didn't.

I didn't think through how hard it would be to slice up the cake, think of kerplunk and you get the idea.  It went down really well and most importantly Gray loved it!



  1. This is amazing, I don't usually like cake but I'm craving a piece of this now. Luckily I have half a box of matchmakers hidden in my room so I can just eat those :P x

  2. This looks incredible, my birthday is in a couple of months so I may drop two months worth of hints to Thomas for something like this. Maybe I should just leave this post on his laptop....


  3. This does look amazing! I can imagine the chocolate balls were rolling everywhere when you cut it xx

  4. WOW!!!!!! this looks divine!! I love your cake posts
    Ruth - Room31 x x

  5. I really need to make this!!! xx

  6. This looks delicious... *mouth watering!*
    I love matchmakers so this is MATCH made in heaven;-)

    Great post!
    Zofia xo

  7. Ah, what a lovely cake and from Instagram it looked as though Gray had a fabulous 30th! Well done you!!


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