Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Savvy Sale Steals

I use the word savvy on purpose, these dresses are still not cheap so definitely not thrifty.  I am trying to build a wardrobe of classic, quality dresses and as I want them to be timeless the sale is the best time to get them.  I am not bothered about trends, just figure flattering dresses that will last beyond a couple of seasons.  I still love buying throw away fashion so by waiting for these beauties to enter the sale I can afford to do both.  See, it's savvy.  Especially with the bargains I have here for you!

I have been keeping my eye on this dress since Gray bought me the green version for our wedding anniversary in November.  It has finally gone in the sale and has been quickly reduced, this dress was originally £160 and is now just £48.  A savings of £112! It won't be getting much wear yet as all over sequins are hard to pull off in the summer but it will be put up ready to wow come Autumn/Winter.  It honestly is stunning and so flattering, adore it!

I love Jaeger Boutique but don't often look at their wares as I don't want to fall in love with something unobtainable.  Me wanting and buying this dress is Gemma and Maria's fault.  I was linked to it in a twitter conversation and couldn't stop thinking about it.  I finally picked it up yesterday and it is bloody beautiful!  I had it delivered to my local store which is an outlet store and doesn't stock the boutique line and the sales assistants were all cooing over it.  I think the one who served me was hoping I didn't like it or that it didn't fit so she could snap it up!  It was £140 and is currently £75.

I saw the orange version of this dress on asos and thought it was stunning but (a) would clash horribly with my hair and (b) it's £400.  Yep FOUR HUNDRED POUNDS.  Seriously.  I kept checking it out and found it had been reduced to half price then over the weekend there was a further £80 off so I snapped this dress up for £120, a £280 saving!  It is due to arrive today so I hope it fits and that I love it as much in real life.

Dress: Antipodium

I am so happy with my purchases and know I will wear them time and time again like I do this Whistles dress which featured in my first ever blog post! Terrible photo but a beautiful dress.  Have you picked up any classic pieces in the sale?  Do you prefer to make investment purchases?  Link me up to your favourites.  I will try to keep my cash card in my purse!!



  1. nice post http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/

  2. I think the Jaeger dress might be my favourite! I got a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's for a bargain £45! Got to love the sales.


    Writer’s block and broken lenses

  3. I do love that Jaegar dress! I resisted buying it, only to cave at the FC sale which I am blaming YOU for ;)

    Maria xxx


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