Monday, 29 July 2013


I have become quite fond of yellow since buying this dress several weeks ago.  I've used to shun it thinking it wasn't for me, maybe that stems back to being naturally blonde and not wanting to blend in with my hair.  Kinda how I feel I can't wear too much orange now I am a ginge.  I first spotted this Jaeger Boutique beauty on eBay but missed out on it.  Kinda glad I did though, it went for almost £40 and I managed to snap this one up directly from Jaeger for a whole £20!  What a result, it was originally £100!  Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it in a 10 and wanted it so much I decided to put up with a 12 in the hope that my Mum can take it in for me when she gets back from her holidays.  It's pretty massive round the waist and would be so much more flattering if it fitted better.  But I still love it and it makes me smile every time I see it.  And it's still way more flattering than me wearing a smock ;)

I have teamed it with the yellow cardigan I picked up from eBay, it is from Next kids section and is exactly what I was looking for.  Now to hunt down the same style cardigan in lime, orange and red please!

Cardigan: Next via eBay
Converse: Office

If you happen to come across this dress in a 10 please let me know, and if you find an 8 let Char know!



  1. How gorgeous is this dress, oh my gosh, I love it! Any yellow dress wins my heart <3


  2. Aww, want!! :) Thanks for the shout, I've got the ladies in my store keeping an eye out.

  3. You look gorgeous! And what a fab bargain too, I also just posted a 'yellow' outfit, can't get enough of that colour!

    The Little Things

  4. This dress is lovely, I wish they had had it in my size!

    Maria xxx


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