Monday, 8 July 2013

Little Mistress

Wowzers, what a weekend!  The weather was too hot for my liking (I know, never happy) but it does seem to make everyone around you happy so that's good enough for me to suffer through.  I dislike extremities, much prefer Spring and Autumn to Summer and Winter.  Looks as though we are going to have a mini heatwave, I've heard that this hot spell is meant to last a couple of weeks.  Fingers crossed it stays dry next weekend, I don't fancy eating rain-sodden sandwiches whilst listening to the proms at Warwick Castle!

I don't often accept clothing to review these days, they have to be items I will want to wear lots for me to say yes please.  Don't see the point otherwise tbh.  I chose this Little Mistress sequin embellished fit and flare dress from Surfdome as I knew it would be something I would want to keep wearing, it's just so pretty.  I also wanted something to go with my new super cute t-bar shoes and I think this chiffon and sequin number works well.  I decided to team it with a black cardigan to make it easier to wear against my ghostly skin and to pick up the black from the shoes.  You can see more Little Mistress here.

Cardigan: M&S (old)

Lets hope this working week flies by so we can spend more time enjoying the happy sunshine :)



  1. omg i hope it stays dry and sunny for the weekend, but i'm excited anyway! :)

  2. It's never the right temperature, always either too hot or too cold, silly weather! Love what your wearing, the dress really suits you xx

  3. love this outfit the dress is so pretty and femanine.


  4. This is such a pretty dress, I do love Little Mistress! I really like your shoes too, they're gorgeous.
    Jodie x

  5. I am the same way I adore Spring and Autumn better than the other two seasons. Thank you for the link to the store. You look wonderful!

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  6. Hi Sarah, I LOVE this dress, it's really beautiful.

    Emilie (


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