Monday, 22 July 2013


Ladybug or ladybird? Which one do you say?  I usually go for ladybird but think ladybug sounds cuter although there is nothing cute about BUGS!  I absolutely adore this Boutique by Jaeger dress.  I have been waiting for it to come down again in price before making it mine, it was originally £175 and I picked it up for £60! What a result!!  The fabric is of lovely quality and the really full skirt makes it feel really special.  I teamed it with my favourite converse, Jaeger actually recommend you team it with a pair of cute pumps and I agree that it works well making the dress cuter if that is even possible.  I wore this out for one of Gray's birthday meals out which involved a bit of walking so heels were out of the question anyway. 

Cardigan: Peacocks (Really old)

Gray got an amazing treadmill for his birthday so I am going to make the most of it too and am on the look out for some new running trainers, I am after some recommendations so let me know what to look out for and what your go to brand is. 

If you live near Warwick I have taken my cast off clothes and shoes to the Myton Hospice charity shop, so you might be able to pick up a bargain as included in my delivery were dresses by brands such as Topshop and Dahlia and lots of Topshop shoes.  I have since found out I could have made myself a few pennies by sending off my unwanted clothing to Music Magpie, I didn't realise you could get money for clothes too!  It's great that you can sell clothes for cash without the hassle of using eBay.  I have several hundred CD's under the bed at my parents house that I am trying to pluck up the courage to send off, I am such a hoarder that it is hard for me to go for it even though I know realistically I will never play them again as they are all already on my laptop and multiple iPod/iPhone's.  I do feel good that I have finally parted with some items and that they have gone to a very good cause.  Maybe this will be the start of me getting down to just one wardrobe... haha.  UNLIKELY!



  1. I had that thought the other day, I took ANOTHER bag of stuff to the charity shop and posted off a few more ebay parcels and thought: "what if I get rid of MOST of my things?" and then realised I was never realistically going to do that as I tend to get rid of one dress and buy five more.
    Can't wait for my ladybird dress to arrive -ladybug is cuter, isn't that the American version?

  2. I say ladybird. I love your dress! :) x

  3. I say ladybird! It's a very cute dress and I like it with the converse too. I keep meaning to put stuff on music magpie but I'm a bit of a hoarder too!

  4. Gorgeous dress. I say ladybird, I hate bugs and ladybirds are far too pretty to be associated with horrid bugs!

    I've never tried Music Magpie for selling clothes, may give it a go. x

  5. This dress! It is really lovely on you, I adore the print!

    Maria xxx


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