Friday, 5 July 2013

Driving On The Continent

I am super jealous of all of you jetting off on your holidays.  We did a road trip to France last year and I loved just getting in the car and not having to worry about the weight of your suitcase.  I am guessing some of you already know that driving laws are different on the continent than they are here in the UK.  I'm not just talking different speed limits, did you know you can't use your speed camera warning programme on your sat nav in France? Nope neither did I!  This infographic from highlights the main differences and the potential fines if you are caught unawares.  They need to be paid there and then in Euros so make sure you carry some with you!

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Thankfully when we drove around France last year we looked up what was needed so I adjusted my sat nav (that reminds me I haven't turned that app back on yet!) and we made sure we carried breathalysers.  I do like that they fine you for not using your indicators, something we should introduce in the UK!  Any other weird and wonderful motoring laws we should be looking out for?

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  1. If the Police Force wanted to, they could have people for not indicating in this country - under the law:

    You MUST NOT
    drive dangerously
    drive without due care and attention
    drive without reasonable consideration for other road users.
    Law RTA 1988 sects 2 & 3 as amended by RTA 1991

    Someone who's too lazy to indicate is driving without both due care and attention and without reasonable consideration for other road users. Breaking that law carries a fine of up to £5000 and anything from 3 to 9 penalty points.

    The Police usually can't be bothered enforcing it though! x


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