Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I am sure you will have seen all the crazy tweets from o2's #bemoredog campaign on Friday, a group of bloggers were told to keep a day free last weekend and then sent two locked boxes to choose between.  We had to decide if we were going to be lazy like a cat or excitable like a dog and once we had made our choice tweet o2 to get the combination code for the appropriate box.  Every tweet I saw opted for the Dog box so I guess we all got the spirit of the campaign, have a look at the this video if you want to see a bit more about the campaign - it features lots of funny cats and dogs!

I got my code and opened my dog box to find out that I had been booked a flying lesson!! How cool is that?!  The activities were for two people and as you can't switch seats mid flight I let Gray take the steering wheel (?!) and be pilot for our flight.  I'm not sure if that means if I have filled the #bemoredog brief but I was a passenger and did get to see loads of lovely countryside near our house.  Unfortunately we couldn't fly over our house as it is in a different airports flight zone.

 Captain Gray!

It was a great experience and not something we would usually have done.  Gray loved it, he was so good at it too.  Think I might have bricked myself and plummeted us out of the sky.  Gray took over the controls for the majority of our (thankfully smooth) flight and even landed the plane.  Wowzers.  Thank you o2 for such a fab experience, we are definitely going to #bemoredog from now on!



  1. Wow Sarah this sounds absolutely amazing. Look at those views!

  2. woooo Sookie loved the dog in my box haha, I get to do mne next weekend because I've got a lift up :) Love how you matched your outfit with the plane xx

  3. This is too good! My box is on the way and you may have convinced me to #bemoredog x

  4. That does look like an amazing day!

  5. That looks like SUCH an awesome experience! Xo

  6. What a fab campaign and amazing experience. Loving the appropriate dress too :) x

  7. This is really cool! I wonder what would have been in the cat box?


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