Monday, 29 July 2013


I have become quite fond of yellow since buying this dress several weeks ago.  I've used to shun it thinking it wasn't for me, maybe that stems back to being naturally blonde and not wanting to blend in with my hair.  Kinda how I feel I can't wear too much orange now I am a ginge.  I first spotted this Jaeger Boutique beauty on eBay but missed out on it.  Kinda glad I did though, it went for almost £40 and I managed to snap this one up directly from Jaeger for a whole £20!  What a result, it was originally £100!  Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it in a 10 and wanted it so much I decided to put up with a 12 in the hope that my Mum can take it in for me when she gets back from her holidays.  It's pretty massive round the waist and would be so much more flattering if it fitted better.  But I still love it and it makes me smile every time I see it.  And it's still way more flattering than me wearing a smock ;)

I have teamed it with the yellow cardigan I picked up from eBay, it is from Next kids section and is exactly what I was looking for.  Now to hunt down the same style cardigan in lime, orange and red please!

Cardigan: Next via eBay
Converse: Office

If you happen to come across this dress in a 10 please let me know, and if you find an 8 let Char know!


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday Sweets #34 Outrageous Chocolate Orange Cake

Last week Gray turned 30 and this called for a pretty spectacular birthday cake.  He ended up with two cakes for two celebration meals, I had strict instructions to make one as chocolatey as possible and I think I achieved this!  I've had a few requests for the recipe - I used my chocolate orange marble cake recipe as the base and increased the quantities by half so I could make it into a double layer cake.  I sandwiched it together with chocolate fudge icing and then covered the outside with the same.  Then came the fun part...  I used 2.5 boxes of chocolate orange matchmakers, 5 bags of chocolate orange aero balls and a chocolate orange to decorate it. 

Putting it together was pretty straight forward, I stuck the matchmakers round the edge of the cake using the fudge to glue them in place.  I then placed chocolate orange segments around the edge to give the matchmakers a bit of support from the weight of the balls as they are pretty fragile.  All that was left was to tip in the balls!  I had to keep the cake in the fridge as it was just so hot and the chocolate started to droop, I was a bit worried about the sponge drying out but thankfully it didn't.

I didn't think through how hard it would be to slice up the cake, think of kerplunk and you get the idea.  It went down really well and most importantly Gray loved it!


Friday, 26 July 2013

Blue Splashes

I have been really struggling to find little cardigans this summer.  All I want is a waist length, 3/4 sleeve cardigan in a rainbow of colours, surely this isn't too much to ask?!  I picked this one up from New Look and it is exactly what I am looking for but doesn't come in very many colours, boooo!  If you have seen any (the H&M ones are too long) please let me know.  I would love a new orange one, a lime one and a red one.  I have won a yellow one on eBay so hopefully that's sorted.  I hate getting my arms out and actually fine I am cooler in a cardigan than I am with bare arms - my bare arms in the sun heat up quickly whereas they are kept protected and cool in a cardigan.  God bless the cardigan!  Didn't realise I could write so much on the humble cardigan...

Dress: Boohoo*
Cardigan: New Look

I was drawn to the dress by the pattern of the fabric and the splashes of blue.  I opted for my new New Look cardi and my favourite converse which are not that white anymore.  I am getting used to wearing dresses with bare legs (or sexy flesh colour tights!) though I cannot wait to be back in my black opaques.  Such a comfort blanket and mean I am comfortable raising my hemline a good few inches.  This summer has been the summer of a few firsts for me, cracking out my legs and dropping my hem line to the knee - both of which I was horrified by and thought they wouldn't suit me.  I think I can pull knee length off without looking frumpy but nothing longer.  Would still love to be able to pull a midi dress off like Sophie can!  Even with a pair of skyscraper court shoes I still feel too short and dumpy to wear midi!


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Little Miss Sunshine

Style in View have just launched a 'get the look' section and asked me if I fancied having a play on their site and creating an outfit.  I know there are already several sites you can create outfits on that have been around for a while but I have to admit I haven't used any of them before so can't really compare.  This site is super easy to use - sign up, click the create a look button, give your look a name and get adding!

I spied this asos dress earlier in the day so thought it would be perfect basis for my pretty summer outfit.  I am loving yellow accessories at the moment so they feature in the outfit too, a cute summer outfit really isn't complete without a satchel and a pair of chunky shoes now is it?!  If you want to see the other pieces I have chosen to complete the look then click on the link below!

I love that you can click on any of the items and it takes you straight to the retailer so you can pop it in your basket.  I am enough of an enabler already so sorry you guys!  Are you a fan of 'look creating' sites?  Let me know if you have a go and create any looks.

*post in collaboration with Style in View


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wednesday Wants

I was hoping the thunderstorms were going to clear the air and generally cool us all down a little.  I was wrong, it is still just as muggy and not a great time to have blasted toothache!  I may have gotten a little ahead of myself, this weeks wishlist was put together with promises of cooler days and I figured I might even get to whip out the black tights again.  Alas it's not to be but these beauties will all look just as good in the sunshine.

I adore the fit of this French Connection dress, it just hangs so beautifully.  I would prefer it to be a good few inches longer but am assuming the model will be at least 5 inches taller than me so it will be closer to my knee than hers!  You can't really tell from the photo but the print isn't stripy, it's made up of lots of little dots.  Lovely.

I told you I was wishing for cooler days!  I am sure this dress would look terrible on me anyway, I am yet to find a smock that suits me.  I need to emphasis my waist!  It would be a nice cool cover up with it's billowy sleeves.

Dress: asos

I love the colours of this Motel dress, it's a halfway house between a fitted dress and a smock to me which doesn't look too bad although the stripy version I have already is pretty short.  I have fallen for the print and the colours though so might have to give it a go or find something else suitable in the same fabric.  Lush!

Dress: Motel @ Topshop

I love the way a cute pair of t-bar court shoes look with tights and have found the perfect pair!  These little cuties are by Chie Mihara and I know they will see me through both work and play.

Shoes: Chie Mihara

What have you been lusting after this week?


Monday, 22 July 2013


Ladybug or ladybird? Which one do you say?  I usually go for ladybird but think ladybug sounds cuter although there is nothing cute about BUGS!  I absolutely adore this Boutique by Jaeger dress.  I have been waiting for it to come down again in price before making it mine, it was originally £175 and I picked it up for £60! What a result!!  The fabric is of lovely quality and the really full skirt makes it feel really special.  I teamed it with my favourite converse, Jaeger actually recommend you team it with a pair of cute pumps and I agree that it works well making the dress cuter if that is even possible.  I wore this out for one of Gray's birthday meals out which involved a bit of walking so heels were out of the question anyway. 

Cardigan: Peacocks (Really old)

Gray got an amazing treadmill for his birthday so I am going to make the most of it too and am on the look out for some new running trainers, I am after some recommendations so let me know what to look out for and what your go to brand is. 

If you live near Warwick I have taken my cast off clothes and shoes to the Myton Hospice charity shop, so you might be able to pick up a bargain as included in my delivery were dresses by brands such as Topshop and Dahlia and lots of Topshop shoes.  I have since found out I could have made myself a few pennies by sending off my unwanted clothing to Music Magpie, I didn't realise you could get money for clothes too!  It's great that you can sell clothes for cash without the hassle of using eBay.  I have several hundred CD's under the bed at my parents house that I am trying to pluck up the courage to send off, I am such a hoarder that it is hard for me to go for it even though I know realistically I will never play them again as they are all already on my laptop and multiple iPod/iPhone's.  I do feel good that I have finally parted with some items and that they have gone to a very good cause.  Maybe this will be the start of me getting down to just one wardrobe... haha.  UNLIKELY!


Friday, 19 July 2013

That's My Name

I've been pretty gushy following the rediscovery of my love for Emily and Fin recently.  I can't help it - the dresses are reasonably priced, well made and fab quality.  I own over 10 versions of their Lucy dress, it is honestly the perfect dress for me.  But it could be better, it could be share a name with me rather than with my sister!  It's as if Emily and Fin read my thoughts as this season sees the introduction of a new dress, very similar in design to the Lucy but with little sleeves and going by the name of SARAH!  What a result.  Nothing makes me want something more than when it shares my name.  Currently only available in two fabrics I opted for the bright blue version which is covered in yellow and orange flowers.  I wasn't sure about the colour combination at first but as soon as it arrived I was delighted.  I have teamed it with a little orange cardi and my current favourite flowery bag to pick out both colours.  I have been wearing my beautiful new converse all week, they are the comfiest of shoes as the soles are quite thick like trainers but much prettier!.  I really want the light blue ones now but they seem to have sold out everywhere too, boo!

Cardigan: H&M (Very old)
Bag: asos

The one thing that could make this outfit better is switching up the bag for this amazing yellow clutch from John Lewis that also bares my name, it's as if it was meant to be!

Bag: John Lewis

My weekend started today, it's Gray's 30th on Sunday so we are doing lots of his favourite things to celebrate!  Have a great weekend :)


Thursday, 18 July 2013

Warwick Rocks

On Saturday I had the pleasure of spending the day at Warwick Castle with a bunch of blogger babes.  We started the day off having a leisurely lunch in a pub in Warwick before wandering round the castle for a few hours and hanging around in the rose garden opened by Princess Diana.  Last time I paid the rose garden a visit the flowers were not in bloom, this time they were stunning!  If you can see past the tourist attractions added by the Merlin Group Warwick Castle is beautiful and well worth a visit.  I could wander round the grounds for hours and it is the best place for a picnic.

above photos by Gemma

Talking of picnics in the evening we returned to the castle grounds for the Summer Proms.  I've lived in the area my whole life but hadn't been to the proms before, the heavens usually open and sitting in a field soaked to the skin isn't my idea of fun.  I kept this bit of info to myself just incase but thankfully the weather was amazing and we had a great time sat in a field with hundreds of other people all waving flags, eating picnic food and drinking wine. 

We had such a laugh and as you can see a few gins in a tin turn me into a camera whore!  Gem has some corkers of me that are best deleted!  I don't know why I feel the need to pull such stupid faces knowing they could end up on the interwebs somewhere.  I am definately going to go to the Summer Proms again last year, if you're thinking about it I defo recommend it.

A big thank you to Rosie, Gemma, Sarah, Alex, Char and Roisin for the laughs!


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wednesday Wants

A few weeks ago I decided I was going to try and concentrate on quality over quantity and make some investment purchases where dresses are concerned but I think I have taken that a step too far and am now coverting dresses that will unfortunately never be in my budget even when they are in the sale.  This dress by Giles is breathtaking.  Note to self - stop looking at expensive dresses!

Dress: Giles

I think I have found the white dress of my dreams but am worried that it might be a bit too bridal being lace, what do you guys think?  You can't beat a pretty dress in this weather and this is as pretty as they come!  Would totally rock it in winter too with a pair of black opaques and a little black cardi, I love the contrast between black and white.  Shame their isn't much contrast between this dress and my bottle white legs!

Dress: Darling

I am trying to convince Gray that we need to get a paddling pool in the garden!  He is worried about killing the grass but I think it's all worth it to cool down in this heatwave we are having.  It has actually been a relief to come to work to sit in the cool air conditioned offices.  And don't even get me started on attempting to get a good nights sleep.  A pool would make it all better though wouldn't it?!  I love the Savannah Swimsuit and the matching bikini, the colours are just perfect.  I have found so many cool vintage swimwear recently.  Pass me the suntan lotion and an icy cocktail please.

Swimsuit: My Curves & Me

My feet like to expand in this heat so I have been coverting canvas pumps for comfort and lets face it they are pretty cute too.  I'm not really a sandals girl and you won't catch me in real trainers, much prefer my shoes to cover my toes whilst still looking pretty!  The ever lovely Gem picked me up a pair of white Converse dance lace from Cardiff as I couldn't get them locally and now I fancy a pair of these ballerinas, perfect to wear with dresses.  Are you a shoe or a sandal girl when it gets hot?

I could do with winning the lottery so I can buy all the pretty dresses I set my heart on, and a second home to house them all!  I gave loads of old clothing and shoes to the blogger babes who came to stay last weekend and the rest is set to hit a charity shop in Warwick soon.  Think I had 6 of the huge Ikea bags full and I am sure I could be more ruthless yet as I still have 3 double wardrobes and numerous storage bags full :-/  Yet I always have nothing to wear! haha.


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday Sweets #33 Time For Tea

I don't need an excuse to bake, I am a total feeder and I make no apologies for it.  There is nothing better than watching people tuck into a cake you've baked and loving it!  This weekend I had a bunch of my favourite people over to visit so I couldn't really not put on a little afternoon tea now could I?!  I baked scones, mini Victoria sponge cakes, peanut butter cupcakes and a chocolate orange marble cake.  One of my visitors is allergic to dairy so I made the marble cake dairy free along with the peanut butter sponge.  Couldn't make buttercream without butter though, yuck!  I also whipped up some dairy free blueberry muffins and mini banana loaf cakes for a breakfast treat.  To make the cakes dairy free I substituted the butter with vitalite and the cows milk with soya milk.

 Tea Set: Cath Kidston*

I had the best time! Nothing better than a catch up with friends over a piece of cake or three now is there?!  More on that soon once I have stolen some photos off the others, we had a ball!  A big thank you to Cath Kidston* for the beautiful tea set, it was put to good use!  You can pick up the beautiful provence rose tea set either online or in store.


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