Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wednesday Wants

I cannot tell you how tired I am today :(  I have managed to get a cold in June and had to go to Glasgow for work which was not much fun - I was in bed in my hotel room by 8.30pm as I felt so rough! Not the one.  I did manage to get the Chanel powder compact I tried to get in my local House of Fraser in duty free though so every cloud and all that.  Spending time online shopping/browsing has cheered me right up.  My picks this week are...

I do love a good paisley print and this one is cute!  It kinda has sleeves if you count ones with great big holes as sleeves, thankfully the little ties minimise the gape so I will let asos off.  Pretty, pretty.

 Dress: asos

Don't think I will be lucky enough to attend any festivals this week so I might just get this Missguided number, stick a tent in my garden and pretend.  Tie dye is always a winner and if it rains I can just go catch the actual festival highlights on the tv in the warmth with a nice cold beer. 

Dress: Missguided

I love, love, love this dress! Not sure I could pull the colour off but that isn't stopping me opening the window and having a little look at it on a regular basis.  I do realise how sad that sounds ;)  It swooshes as she walks down the catwalk!  The bow on the back and the shape of the skirt kinda remind me of my wedding dress.  It's by Ted Baker though and they are a terrible fit on me so I guess it will never be mine, sob!

Dress: asos

Just to show how much I love the above dress I even picked these shoes out as what I would team them with should it ever be mine... haha.

What are you lusting after this week?



  1. I want them all!! getting that first asos one for Bestival as soon as I get paid xx

  2. I love the Asos paisley dress! :)

  3. Oh that pink dress is ridiculously dreamy! *swoons*

    Florrie x

  4. Love the first Asos dress :) x


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