Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wednesday Wants

I do enjoy putting together my weekly wishlists, I love sharing the items I am swooning over with you all and hopefully some of you get some inspiration from them. Anyway on to the goodies!  I love the fabric on this dress but am not sure the style will suit me.  Gray thinks it's too widow twanky and although he might have a point I am choosing to ignore him ;)

Dress: Topshop

How beautiful is this Misguided dress?!  I love the sequin detail and obviously love the mint.  I haven't worn mint yet this year, think I need to rectify that.  Perfect wedding guest dress though I think I would need to get my tan on to pull it off.

Dress: Missguided

I'm still not resigned to the fact that smock dresses just do not suit me.  I keep getting drawn to them or to the fabric anyway.  I love this bright paisley dress and am thinking it would be the perfect alternative to the Mink Pink dress I returned.  Sob.  I loved the fabric so much but the dress really didn't do anything for me.  I have kept the asos gingham one though and although it's not the most flattering of dresses I think I can just about get away with it.  Anyone got this one?

Dress: asos

I know the weather forecast for this week is all gloomy but the recent warm spell has got me on the hunt for some cute sandals.   I don't get on with flat shoes, they hurt my feet way more than heels ever can so have found this cute pair of peep toe wedges at Duo.  I also don't like overly strappy shoes if it's a bit warm, cheese wire anyone?!  These sandals are also wide fitting which means they will still be comfy even when the heat makes your feet swell a bit, lets hope it gets that hot!

 Shoes: Duo

What have you been dreaming of this week?



  1. That Missguided dress is SO pretty!! Adore the colour and sequins :) xo

  2. Hmm, not sure any of those dresses are doing it for me this week, which is ok, my bank balance will be thrilled. I'm not sure about the shape of the Topshop one, is it a wrap one?!

  3. I love the misguided dress, mint is my favourite colour at the moment and the detailing is beautiful!

  4. I love the Asos dress! :)

  5. love the asos dress! would look so great with a tan - the price isnt bad either!

    bec X


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