Saturday, 8 June 2013

Top Gun

The Sunglasses Shop kindly offered to send me a pair of sunnies so I chose the Ray-Ban 3502 Aviator although I knew chances of this style suiting me was slim.  They don't look that terrible but I do think they suit guys more than gals.  The lenses are polarised which means they reduce horizontal glare from flat services so are fab for driving.

They say what's mine is yours so I chose these sunglasses with Gray in mind as I already have a rather lovely pair of Chanel's even if they have now seen better days.  Maybe Gray will read this and treat me to a pair?! I would love these ones, identical style but a black frame.  Classy.

RayBan Aviators are one of those iconic styles that are totally timeless.  They also bring images of Tom Cruise in Top Gun to mind which is never a bad thing!  Gray is over 6ft though ;)  He has been wanting a pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses for a while now but we've had other things to save for namely our wedding and our new home so they have taken a back seat.  I sneakily asked him which he would go for if he could pick any pair so I could surprise him with them, it's more fun that way!  He totally loves them and will be rocking them all summer.  He even let me take a snap, kinda!

Ray-Ban Polarised Sunglasses*

We are off to go show off our sunnies to mister sunshine now, happy days!


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  1. Love grey getting in on the blog action!


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