Thursday, 13 June 2013

Through The New Home Keyhole - The Living Room

I am so excited to share this room with you, I am so happy how it's turned out.  When we told people we were going for charcoal grey and orange in our living room it was often met with a sharp intake of breath!  And don't even ask the response to the news we were buying an orange sofa.  People seem to be scared of colour and worried that darker colours will make rooms look smaller, personally I think colour adds character and makes a room cosier.  I don't do creams and beige's as you might have noticed.

The before and after photo:

As well as re-carpet and paint we also removed the ugly blinds and switched those spot lights for the Habitat shades we had in the flat.  I absolutely love spending time in here, it gets loads of sun and is just generally cheery.  Some how the new sofa has been claimed by Gray (how did I let that happen?!)  so I have taken up camp on the grey sofa and I get the foot stool, not all bad.

You'll notice that we haven't got much artwork yet, it's so hard to find stuff we like!  The artwork from the flat wouldn't really work in this room and we are not sure exactly what we want.  We do have a few custom size frames we would like to use but haven't managed to fill them yet.  We have been looking at sites such as Whats On Your Wall at the custom canvas and acrylic prints and are now on the hunt for the perfect images which is proving tricky.  I would like to use a photo from our engagement shoot but Gray is not convinced!  What artwork have you got in your living room and why did you choose it?

Again my Mum made the curtains for us, absolutely adore this print.

All sofas from DFS & cushions from Homebase

Trinkets from all over the place, shout if you want further details on any item

Beautiful Print TK Maxx, Vase Next

Hope you've been enjoying my new home posts, I am so proud at what we managed to achieve in such a short space of time (we decorated almost the whole three story house in just over a week!)



  1. I love the colour of this sofa and congrats on the brave move to go against the flow with the colour scheme! I personally am not a fan of greys, but somehow this room looks cosy!

    As for artwork, we have two posters we've brought from our first trip to paris - one of them is famous Chat Noir - you can google it, may suit you! X

  2. I don't know how you managed it but cosy & airy at the same time. A brave move with the colour scheme and it has paid off. The curtains pull it all together. Well done :)

  3. That room looks amazing - absolutely stunning and those curtains are so Orla Keily - really looks lovely!

  4. Sarah I love this room! Looks like the perfect place to unwind after a dat at work.


    This is fabulous :D

    Sarah xx

  6. Oh wow Sarah this looks amazing! So bold and beautiful! I love it! x

  7. Love your home posts, I'm also about to paint my living room wall grey! x

  8. How on earth have you got so much done so soon! We moved into our flat last week and its still not finished, despite starting decorating almost 6 weeks ago. It's so hard to find the time to do everything, especially as we're DIY newbies but I love putting together flat pack furniture ;)


I love comments, thank you xx

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