Friday, 7 June 2013

Skater Boy

Hey gang, it's finally Friday and it looks like it is going to be a scorcher of a weekend (any sign of the sun is scorching in my books!) I hope you all have loads of fun plans.  I get my new car tomorrow (Woooooooooo!!), we are going to make some progress on our to-do list and finish off little house jobs that are bugging us and then have some fun! My brother in law Lee and some of Gray's family are running a local 10k on Sunday morning so we are going to cheer them on and then get involved in all things BBQ.  Yeah baby.  I will be hitting up M&S for steaks and I blame both Gemma and Sarah for this.  So good though!!

I am a copycat getting this dress from Very.  My sister bought it for the L'Oreal Colour Trophy final (where my Lee's salon won their regional heat, amazing!) and told me that I would love it and needed to own it.  She was right, it's perfect.  I don't need to point out my love of monochrome, I am sure you're all very much bored by that now but it's still going strong and showing no signs of fading.  Must be love.  The colour blocking is so flattering on the waist, feel way more comfortable in a skater dress than I do in a smock.  Best of all it was just over £30 and I managed to bag a deal where I saved £20 when I spent £50 - thank you Very, it was practically free.  Can't argue with that.

Dress: Very
Necklace: Next

My eyes have been really sore recently so I have been thinking of changing my contact lenses.  I know I wear them too long but it's hard not to when they make everything so much easier.  If you wear lenses where do you get them from and why would you recommend them to me?  I have tried the ones you can wear continuously for up to a month but my eyes hated them more than standard daily disposables.  Sarah is actually having Laser eye surgery from very soon but I am too scared to go for it myself although I will be watching her progress with great interest and maybe it will help get rid of some of my fear so I can eventually see without the need of glasses myself.  That would be fabulous.  I had to wear my glasses the other day and don't have any prescription sunglasses so was driving with my sunglasses balanced over my glasses, I am sure it's a look that will catch on...


  1. Your sister was right, this dress is perfect for you!

  2. Could you move to lenses with a higher water content? I have had to go from monthlies to weeklies to dailies, then through a few different sets of dailies, and am now on super-high water content lenses which let in more oxygen. They're a lot more expesive (I'm almost £40 a month for them) but the comfort level is so much better. I also take them out the minute I get in the house and put my glasses on to give my eyes a break. These are the ones I have (but I don't get them here, this was just the first listing)

    I was booked in to have laser surgery, twice, but chickened out both times! I just think your eyes are too precious to take risks with, even though those risks are minor and managed.

  3. Sarah this dress was made for you! Has your name written all over it!

  4. Love this, with the necklace it's just super awesome too. Such a pretty thing <3



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