Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Oh My Pretty

When Simply Beach contacted me and asked if I would like to review some of their wares my first thought wasn't 'oooh pretty bikini's and pants' it was 'I don't have to model them do I?!'  No one wants to see that!  Thankfully the answer was no so I choose some pretty underwear and an oh so cute polka dot bikini to share with you.  It wasn't an easy choice, they have a wide range of popular brands - it wasn't easy narrowing it down to my favourites.  I did fall for a few of the Freya sets, damn not being a D cup or above, they are truly beautiful.

Most of my underwear tends to be black so I decided to break the habit of a lifetime and go for a white based set.  The pretty detailing and the quirky print had me cooing.  It has a lovely retro feel to it and although I haven't worn any of the sets yet I have tried them on and can vouch for it's fit and comfy-ness.   This set by Lepal is available in A-E cup.

This set is almost black being a lovely charcoal grey colour.  Wonder how long I can keep the lace nice and white?! (This is why I go for black!)  I do love the contrasting lace and they feel lovely to touch.  I hadn't heard of Banana Moon before, their little heart logo is really cute.

Pour Moi is my go to bikini brand, they are always well supporting, well made and most importantly they stay put.  No one wants an accident in a bikini now do they...  I usually go for the azure range (I have it in several colours) and fancied a change, who can resist a polka dot bikini.  I love the little frills and the bikini top also comes with a detachable strap.  This style is available from B - G cup.  It's going to be a while before I get to use this bikini for real and in the mean time I really want to sort out hair growth! Bloody hate shaving my legs and can't face waxing.  Been looking for the best laser hair removal but it seems that the legs are too big an area to treat, maybe save it for my arm pits?! haha.

Do you usually play it safe and stick to black undies or do you go for pretties regardless?  Whatever the style/colour my main rule is they have to be comfy - any riding or digging in and they never make it out of my underwear drawer again.  Nothing worse than uncomfortable underwear!

The beautiful clementis I am thinking will become the backdrop for outfit posts in the near future, gorgeous isn't it!  Anyone know how long they flower for?  Hopefully none of my neighbours clocked me pegging pants to it and snapping photos ;)



  1. I lovvvve that you clipped pants to your clementis!! Really made me chuckle. I love that red polka-dot bikini. Definite vintage vibe and just so pretty xx

  2. Amazing idea!i like these pics!

  3. What beautiful sets Sarah!

  4. I love all of these especially he first one, not seen a print like that before x

  5. So pretty, I adore the second set - the grey and the cream lace is such a perfect combination! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  6. ah my fav is the red spotty set, reminds me of minnie mouse! so pretty and they all kinda' have a vintage feel too them xxx

  7. Haha, "pegging your pants"! That's so funny & must have looked a little bit odd but the pictures look lovely. And what fabulous underwear too, an area I neglect bigtime!

  8. Re the Freya stuff, it's worth getting measured. I went from a 36A or 34B in M&S to a 32D in Bravissimo, and now wear pretty much all Freya underwear. (And no, my boobs are no bigger, and yes, my bras now fit 100 times better than they used to!)

  9. These are lovely! It's good to see nice underwear/bikini's available in DD + normally they aren't the most attractive of things.
    That red spotty bikini looks great.

    Charlotte xx


  10. So pretty, these are so lovely! And what fabulous underwear too, an area I neglect bigtime!


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