Saturday, 22 June 2013

Like Bugs

I am such a lucky girl, not only did the lovely people at the Sunglasses Shop send me a pair of Raybans to review they also sent me a pair of Chanel sunnies.  How amazing is that?!  And aren't they beautiful?!

I am not really interested in designer clothes or bags but I do love a pair of designer sunglasses with Chanel being at the top of my wishlist.  I wear sunglasses most days for driving so they don't seem extravagant like an expensive dress and if you pick the right frames they don't date either.  My first pair of Chanel sunglasses are now approaching 5 years old  and are still going strong.  I am glad these ones come with a black case though, my old ones came with a white case that unfortunately didn't stay white for very long.

Thanks again Sunglasses Shop, you've made me a very happy Sarah!



  1. They are gorgeous, I live the colour! Xo

  2. What a beautiful colour. They look great on you!


  3. ooooh fancy! they look lovely x


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