Monday, 10 June 2013

Getting Sweaty!

This is the other dress I picked up on my Very shopping trip.  In case you haven't noticed I don't do casual very well, this is about as casual as I get!  The dress is made from sweatshirt jersey material so feels really comfy to lounge around in but still gives me the security of actually being a dress.  Tracky bottoms are not a look I can work. 

Dress: Very

I had a lovely weekend, picked up my new car who has been named ViVi and spent some quality time with family and friends.  ViVi is a beaut, really nippy and great to drive - I am so happy with her!  I decided on Friday evening that I fancy a few longer dresses.  I can't get away with anything longer than knee length but am fed up with flashing my bum all over town!  I have searched high and low for dresses that fit the bill but have mostly drawn blanks, if you have seen any you think I will like please let me know.  I remembered that I used to love wearing the Lucy dress from Emily and Fin so have dug a few old ones out and bought a couple more including this lime number.  If you have any you no longer wear, let me know I am dying for more fabrics/colours!



  1. You look fab! No way could I pull this off but it looks gorgeous on you! xx

  2. loving this! I saw about 20 things I wanted on Very after you and Sarah were talking about it on twitter. Can't afford any of them!

  3. You can't beat a nice comfy dress for 'casual' days. :) Nope I don't do casual very well either! This is such a cute dress!

    Florrie x

  4. Love the dress its so beautiful!!

  5. You look gorgeous, I love this dress on you!

    Maria xxx

  6. If you have any joy with longer dresses, please shout- I really struggle. Loving the grey toned leopard here though.


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