Friday, 14 June 2013

Citrus Burst

After deciding I want a few more longer length dresses I quickly went back to my old faithful, the Lucy dress by Emily and Fin.  I have worn a different Lucy dress every day this week and they feel great!  I ordered up this lime version, which is exclusive to Oliver Bonas, and have been so excited waiting for it to arrive so I can put it straight on.  Fridays are dress down at my work although the most casual I usually get is wearing converse instead of shoes, but today I am rocking this bad boy!  I decided to pair it with the lime version of my favourite eBay necklace going for a blend rather than a contrast.  Not sure I could pull this colour off without the help of the black, think I might need to get my tan on before I brave that!  Talking of tanning, where has the sun gone?!  I might have to grab some Luxe BC vitamin D supplements as I think I am heading for a Vit D deficiency!! I wouldn't mind too much but it's still been muggy and resulted in a massive headache yesterday.  Come on sun, come out to play!  I have some new Chanel sunnies I want to show you (more on those soon!)

Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Clarks @ Spartoo Shoes*

Hope you have lots of exciting plans for the weekend, mine is going to include some DIY (Yep there are still things to do!), a trip to the cinema, a nandos (my reward for going to the cinema to see a film I am not that interested in ;) ) and some family time.  Sounds like a good weekend to me!



  1. Sarah i love the bright colour of this dress. it looks lovely o you!

  2. Ooh yay - such a weird coincidence that you posted this today, there's a Oliver Bonas shop in Cambridge that I've wanted to go in for a few weeks now, if they sell stuff like THIS I'm definitely making a trip tomorrow - it looks amazing! :D

    Sarah x

  3. Aha, I see what you mean, lovely lovely dress. I'm not sure I could carry the lime colour, but loving some of the other prints available and it really is a gorgeous cut.

  4. Oh my goodness, this dress is beautiful on you! I agree with Chloe though, I'm not sure if lime green would suit me!

    Maria xxx


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