Saturday, 18 May 2013

Check Mate

I did mean to post this on Friday but have been too busy, time has been racing by. I've posted a few instagram snaps today if you fancy a nose, my username is amilliondresses. We have almost finished the house, just a couple of things left to build, chairs to paint and then the big internet install which I cannot wait for! I know I've been lucky having an iPad with a 3G card but it really is not the same, I find it really hard to type on this damn thing!!


Anyways onto this outfit. I picked up this Topshop dress in the sale. I had been keeping a beady eye on it waiting for it to hit the sales rack. It's a fab colour and I love the simple pattern. It's jersey so really easy to wear. I know I always wear this cardi, I can't help it - I love it so much! The only days I don't wear it are if I am wearing a jumper or if it's in the wash! I am looking longingly at my nails, haven't worn falsies in over a week :( So looking forward to getting them back on next week, feel a bit naked without them.


Dress: Topshop

Cardigan: H&M

Court Shoes: Clarks @ Spartoo Shoes*


Hope you're having a fab weekend whatever you're doing :)




  1. This dress is lovely, you always find amazing stuff in the sales! Hope the move hasn't been too stressful!

    Maria xxx

  2. Love this dress on you, the colour suits you so well xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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