Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday Sweets #28 Salted Caramel Rocky Road

My Easter Rocky Road was such a hit with my sister I made a regular chocolate addicts version especially for her.   I decided it could be improved on with the addition of a layer of salted caramel, that was mainly for my benefit ;)  Haha.  I made sure the chocolates used had a similar texture to the ones used in the Easter version and added snickers as I thought the nuts would work really well with the salted caramel.  I was right!

200g Dark Chocolate
50g Milk Chocolate
2 tbsp Cocoa
135g Butter
2 tbsp Golden Syrup
100g Mini Marshmallows
200g Digestive Biscuits
200g Malteasers
2 x Snickers Bars

2 x Packs of Rolos
1 Pack Minstrels

For the Caramel Sauce

1 tin Carnation Caramel
Sprinkle of Sea Salt Flakes

For the Chocolate Topping

100g Dark Chocolate
Line an 8" square baking tray

Bash up your biscuits until they vary between dust  and 50 pence piece lumps

In a large saucepan melt the butter chocolate and golden syrup over a gently heat stirring continuously until there are no visible lumps of chocolate.  Remove from heat

Add the biscuits, marshmallows, snickers, rolos, minstrels and half of the maltesers to the chocolate mixture.  Stir until everything is completely covered

Tip the mixture into your baking tray and make sure you spread it out to the corners
Add sea salt flakes to taste to your caramel sauce, gently heat then pour over the top of the mixture.  Leave to set for an hour or so then top with melted chocolate and push the remaining maltesers in the top of the bake.

Refrigerate for at least two hours then cut into slices and enjoy!



  1. Oh my gosh this looks incredible <3 my mouth is literally watering haha!
    Will definitely have to try this soon :)
    emmerliejay x

  2. OH MY GOD! This looks AMAZING!

    Maria xxx

  3. Rocky Road is one of my favourite things EVER. This looks divine <3 do want.

  4. That looks and sounds amazing! xx

  5. These look and sound amazing, I'm such a sucker for rocky road! And your little dishes are so sweet, where did you get the heart shaped ones from?!

    louisejoyb x

  6. These look so amazing.

  7. Oh my gosh I wish I hadn't looked at this! It looks amazing - why am I on a diet when there's foods like this to be gobbled? :(

    Gem xx

  8. This looks so good, my mouth is watering! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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