Friday, 3 May 2013

Repeat, Recycle

Woooohooo, the three day weekend is almost here!! And it looks like we are gonna have some nice weather, no raindrops on my weather app anyway.  By the next bank holiday we will be moved into our new house and will have a garden - fingers crossed it will be BBQ weather by then!  We have a weekend of sorting, cleaning and covering up little holes in the wall.  Don't be jealous at how fun that sounds.  I took down all our prints and pictures last night and the flat looks so bare already.  I am going to be sad to see the back of our first home but am so excited about getting into our new home and putting our stamp on it.  Don't worry I will be taking before and after photos and sharing them, I know what a nosy little bunch lot you are, haha.

One final plea for your vote in the Matalan Style Project, I would really appreciate it if you could spare 5 seconds and give me your vote.

A simple little monochrome outfit for you today with my nails and hair adding the only colour.  I have been trying to add more colour now the sun has got it's hat on but still find myself drawn to the monochrome.  These Topshop crop tops are the perfect length for me to wear with a waisted skirt.  I swear it's also not as thin as it looks, you defo can't see my bra in real life!

Top: Topshop
Skirt: River Island
 TrainersConverse @ Spartoo Shoes*

I'm not sure how frequently I will be able to blog in the run up to & the first week after the move so apologies in advance if I don't manage to schedule many posts.  I'm sure you'll all have something better to do than read my ramblings anyway!



  1. I'm so excited for your move!! :)

  2. Cute Outfit :) I love the Converse with the tights and Skirt - I too LOVE Monochrome and a stripe :) xx

  3. Cute outfit, & I love your nail colour =)

  4. Other than your fab outfits the one thing I notice is you always have perfectly manicured nails! I'd be lying if I said i'm not a little jel.
    Looking fab as always chickadee.
    Little Blonde Life - A Lifestyle Blog

  5. I love this outfit, the skirt is gorgeous and it really suits you! Looking forward to seeing pics of your new place! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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