Friday, 24 May 2013

Inbetween Days

I've been looking for a jacket now I am not needing to stay snuggled in my winter coat all the time.  I find the inbetween seasons really difficult to dress for, I am always either too hot or too cold - usually the latter which makes for a grouchy Sarah!  This Missguided jacket is perfect, it gives me enough warmth to protect me from the elements but isn't too heavy that I start cooking when the sun decides to make an appearance.  I've teamed it with this cute pinafore, I am definitely still loving this trend and have been wearing them since Christmas.  This one is a bit too short for work mind but fab for the weekend.

Jacket: Missguided*
Dress: Missguided*

I feel like I have only just got back online (I have!) and now I am offline again for another week holidaying with my family in Derbyshire.  Keep your fingers crossed that the sun puts it's hat on for me so we can get to do lots of walking and hopefully a little bit of shopping ;)



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