Monday, 13 May 2013

Ginger Fizz

Hey gang. Hope you're all well. Feels strange it having Internet or the time to check my phone every five minutes! We got the keys for our new home on Friday and have been putting in 16 hour days ever since. I ache in places I didn't know existed! We've gone from no stairs to a three storey town house and everything I need seems to be on the furthest floor away. Who needs a gym?!

We have made really good progress with the painting. Today we have ripped up the laminate ready for the new floor fitting tomorrow. The biggest day is Wednesday when the new carpet is gonna be fitted, that's going to make so much difference and really finish the rooms. We haven't been able to unpack much yet so after that I can get rid of all the boxes hanging around. The existing carpet is disgusting, full of cat hairs & very worn. It's grim and has been causing me an allergic reaction :-/

I can't wait til the weekend, we will be able to have some downtime then and actually enjoy our new home. All this hard work will be very much worth it! I can't wait to share before and after photos with you, I've been planning this for 14 weeks and am so excited to see my plans come together.
I found this ginger fizz dress on the Ark Clothing website and needed it! I loved it when I found the cream version but adore this one more. I love the gem print, it's even more cute up close.

Dress: Ginger Fizz @ Ark Clothing
Top: asos
Court Shoes: Clarks @ Spartoo Shoes*

I'm off to finish up and get an early night ready for the grafting that tomorrow brings.


  1. Lovely dress!
    Hope the move's going OK still. I can't wait until I can live in a townhouse (that isn't divided into flats, anyway), I think they look so cute.

  2. Lovely dress, can't wait to see all the housey pics, i'm sure all the hard work will be worth it in a few weeks when you can properly enjoy the new place.
    Little Blonde Life

  3. Very pretty! I am going to pretend I did not see the brownies in the previous post! :)

    Lynn Dylan

  4. Ooh - love the pattern and VERY excited about your new home! Can't wait to see pics! Hope you have fun settling in and enjoy carpet day! xx

  5. That's so funny - I literally just ordered this this morning from an Australian site -!!!! Grr, wish I'd read this first, then I wouldn't have to wait for 2 weeks to get it!!

  6. Beautiful dress! Can't wait to see pics of the new pad! xxx

  7. I love that dress. I have a three storey town house and I remember how much my legs ached when I first moved in. It keeps me fit! x

  8. Beautiful dress, the pattern is amazing! So pleased you're getting everything sorted :)xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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