Thursday, 9 May 2013

Fit Flopping

Anything that can help tone your legs whilst you carry on with your day sounds like the perfect lazy girl exercise to me so I first tried to get on with FitFlops when they were launched back in 2007.  Unfortunately I have never been able to wear anything with a toe post so had to rule them out after much pain trying to wear them in and buying two pairs in case it was the fabric that was causing me issues and not my silly feet.

I noticed recently that FitFlop have now launched a ballet pump version of their Womens Fitflops which come in both a variety of colours and finishes.  They are pretty cute and are bang on trend as the microwobbleboard sole makes them look like a flatform shoe, perfect!

I went for the black patent option and my feet were over the moon from the moment I stepped in to them.  Not only are they helping tone my legs as I walk they also provide little pillows of comfort for my feet.  They really are heavenly.

I was a bit reluctant to pay £85 initially but am now so glad that I dug deep and took the plunge, they are defo worth the money.  I am already looking for my next pair as I do like a bit of variety, I am totally torn between another pair of ballet pumps this time in a beautiful blue colour or a pair of metallic sandals ready to get my toes out.



Have you tried FitFlops before?  If so how did you find the toning benefits?



  1. I love fit flops and I do think they work. I definitely think they toned my bum and legs. It's the price though that puts me off. The ballets pumps are a great idea too!

  2. Hmmm. I've always been unconvinced, but I've never tried any FitFlops, so maybe I'm missing out. I just don't understand how the shape of the shoe could actually help tone your legs. Surely it would be better to walk around in heels, as that should tone you up even more?

  3. These do intrigue me lots and actually look nice. Not sure I could justify the price tag though. Xx

  4. love your blog

  5. I love the ballet pumps! Do you think they really work? xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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