Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Excess Baggage

I'm off on holiday on Saturday and although I am not hoping on a plane I am travelling by car so will be packing hand luggage of my own.  I've always wondered what others pack in their hand luggage, some people seem to take as much stuff as I pack in my hold suitcase!  I like to travel lightly so I can wonder round the airport with ease looking at all the duty free waiting to be snapped up!

This handbag from Next is gorgeous - my only requirements for a flight bag is it must have an across the body strap and do up, I don't want my belongings rolling down the aisle!


I said I like to travel lightly!  I only pack the absolute essentials plus a bikini in case anything happens to my suitcase (thanks for that paranoia Kate!!)

In my hand luggage you will find:
My kindle, holidays are all about reading for me
My passport and tickets
A cherry chapstick
My point and shoot camera
A bikini

I will also have what can usually be found in my bag, my purse/phone/minimal make up. 

What do you put in your hand luggage?  Any essentials you think I am missing and should consider?

*This post is in collaboration with Next*



  1. I recently made a whats in my hand luggage post, link Here

    I would suggest sunglasses?


  2. You going anywhere nice by the way chick? x

  3. how cute is that bag, love the pastels!

  4. I am one of those people that packs the kitchen sink in their hand luggage! I think it's because I'm constantly worrying about my bag going missing or being bored on the plane (or car or whatever). I wish I could travel this lightly! Also what a lovely bag <3 xx

  5. Hand luggage posts are my new obsession. I always pack a scarf (for warmth & a pillow), hand sanitizer & a cereal bar because I get crabby when I don't eat enough!

  6. I wish I packed light, but I just can't seem to! I take a book (because I don't like the thought of risking taking my kindle on holiday and it getting stolen by the pool!), cameras (compact and film!), passport, flight info, pair of shorts for when coming off the plane, the usual phone/money...then there's the things I get at the airport - magazines and plane snacks! I might try to travel lighter this year. Wish I could do the same as you! xx

  7. I'm off to Wales for a week of sailing on Monday ( my parents own a small yacht). Due to the lack of space on the boat I have to be incredibly selective with what I take onboard. My essentials for my day bag has to be babywipes, makeup, a good book, my Ipad and some sunnies. My other bag is very limited to space, but I try include a 2 cold weather outfits, 2 hot weather outfits, swimwear and 2 going out outfits and two pair of shoes. Growing up sailing I've lived my life being compact!



  8. I'd usually pack the same, with the addition of my iPod, a notebook and pen. Xo

  9. Along the lines of your bikini, I almost always shove a spare set of underwear, and for long haul, face wipes and something to clean my teeth with, because having landed before only to find my luggage is at an airport I didn't even transfer through, it saves some of the hassle. I also once got stuck overnight somewhere, and having spare clothes and something to wash with, made the whole thing slightly easier.


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