Friday, 31 May 2013

Palm Springs

It's Friday! Not that I have had a stressful week or anything enjoying myself on holiday.  Holidays always fly by though, ready for the next few months of work with no time off, fun!  Not sure what happened whilst taking these photos, I blame the peroni!  Sorry guys...

Dress: Topshop
Cardigan: H&M

I love how bright this dress is and that it has a high neck, perfect for days when I am too lazy to grab a necklace.  Is it bad to admit I am that lazy sometimes?!  The fit is great and the brightness really makes it stand out.  Something to brighten a drab day with.  I did tell you I wasn't sure what happened to me whilst taking these photos...

Have a glorious weekend!


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Through The New Home Keyhole - The Bedroom

After having a pretty masculine bedroom at the flat (Gray doesn't agree that it was masculine by the way!) I was determined that we were going to end up with a pretty retreat that wasn't too girlie.  I know it now has a pink wall but think that with the addition of blue and muted grey it's not overly girlie.  I did want a white metal bed but that was vetoed in favour of a sleek white leather bed which I thankfully love too.  No where to hang the fairy lights though... think that might have been a step too far for Gray ;)

Before & After:

These photos were taken on a very grey day (like most days at the moment)  This room really is a cozy sanctuary away from it all.  I can't wait to curl up with my kindle and find time to start reading again.

How amazing is this wardrobe?! I can fit so much in it! haha.

Beautiful curtains made by my Mum.

Paint Pot Vase bought to celebrate the end of all the painting!

Love our bobbins lamps!

Vase filled with felt hearts from our wedding

I hope you enjoyed having a snoop around our bedroom!


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wednesday Wants

This weeks wishlist is quite selfish, sorry!  I need a dress for an upcoming wedding and am struggling to find the right one.  I bought this Topshop dress but it just didn't hang right so it's been returned.  I am thinking something with sleeves will mean I don't have to worry about a cardi or jacket though with it being almost June sleeved dresses are few and far between :(  Which one would you go for?

 Dress: Topshop

Dress: Oasis

I'm thinking regardless of the dress I end up with these shoes will go with them all.  Lets hope they are comfy enough to stand up in all day! 


Monday, 27 May 2013

Lets Sail Away

First outfit photos in my new home!  Not an ideal spot, I needed to schedule some posts as I am on holiday this week.  I am going to have a play with locations when I have time and even brave some outside shots with my beautiful clementius as a back drop.  Pretty. 

I put off buying this dress for too long.  I love both the print of the fabric and the shape of the dress but didn't love the big gaping hole over the tummy.  That would defo be classed as over sharing!!  Anyways I gave up and ordered it fully expecting to have to return it but nope, I love it!  You can do up the little ties to reveal a minimum amount of flesh and although I would prefer it minus the hole the ties do add a retro look and make it feel very 50's.  Oh and I now know it has pockets, brilliant! 

Dress: Topshop
Cardigan: H&M

Do you love or loath cut outs on dresses?  Enjoy your bank holiday whatever you're doing :)


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Sweets #30 Plain Scones

I've been meaning to bake scones for ages but never quite got round to it.  I wanted to do something quick and easy for my first bake in my new oven.  It's not fan assisted and I was worried about timings etc having gotten used to my previous oven.  I worried over nothing, the oven is fine and the scones came out well.  Real cake next time!  This recipe by Mary Berry is the best I have found.

450g self raising flour
2 rounded tsp baking powder
75g butter
50g caster sugar
2 large eggs
about 225ml milk

whipping cream and jam to serve


Preheat the oven to 220c / fan 200c / gas 7

Lightly grease two baking trays

Put the flour and baking powder into a bowl.  Add the butter and rub it in until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.  Stir in the sugar.

Beat the eggs and make up to 300ml with the milk.  Set enough to glaze the scones aside then gradually add the egg mixture to the dry ingredients stirring until you have a soft dough.  The dough is best on the sticky side, it will rise better.

Turn out the dough on to a lightly floured surface and flatten it to a thickness of 1".  Use a 2" fluted cutter to stamp out the scones by pushing it straight down.  If you twist it like I must have for a couple of the scones they will rise wonky!

Arrange them on the baking trays and brush the tops with the egg mixture to glaze.  Bake for 10 - 15 minutes until well risen and golden.  Transfer them to a cooling rack and cover them with a clean tea towel to keep them moist whilst they cool.

Serve as fresh as possible piled high with cream and jam or if you're like my husband with nothing but a thick smear of butter.

I don't need to tell you all that Zalando sell loads of clothing but have you looked at their homeware?!  I had to have this cake stand as soon as I laid eyes on it.  I thought it was reasonable at only £18 (with free delivery).  It's made out of glass in a beautiful purple colour which just happens to fit in really well with my new kitchen.  It was meant to be!

Cake Stand: Zalando*


Friday, 24 May 2013

Inbetween Days

I've been looking for a jacket now I am not needing to stay snuggled in my winter coat all the time.  I find the inbetween seasons really difficult to dress for, I am always either too hot or too cold - usually the latter which makes for a grouchy Sarah!  This Missguided jacket is perfect, it gives me enough warmth to protect me from the elements but isn't too heavy that I start cooking when the sun decides to make an appearance.  I've teamed it with this cute pinafore, I am definitely still loving this trend and have been wearing them since Christmas.  This one is a bit too short for work mind but fab for the weekend.

Jacket: Missguided*
Dress: Missguided*

I feel like I have only just got back online (I have!) and now I am offline again for another week holidaying with my family in Derbyshire.  Keep your fingers crossed that the sun puts it's hat on for me so we can get to do lots of walking and hopefully a little bit of shopping ;)


Thursday, 23 May 2013

Through The New Home Keyhole - The Kitchen

I wasn't fussed about moving but Gray really wanted to upgrade our flat to a house so bought me a Kitchenaid for Christmas in my dream colour that really wouldn't go with our black and red kitchen in the flat - the Kitchenaid was the catalyst that resulted in our flat going on the market and the search for the perfect house to begin.  Gray is a crafty little beggar!  

I have already been asked a few times to blog our new home and the changes we have made.  I love reading this kind of post and am really proud of what we managed to achieve in just over a week.  We have bought a three story townhouse and excluding the bathrooms which are still waiting for flooring decisions to be made, we have painted it from top to bottom and it is pretty much done.  It's very much been a labour of love, I started buying things ready back when our offer was accepted in February and had pretty much decided how it would look before we moved in.

This is the room that made me fall in love with this house.  It is exactly what I was looking for - a large kitchen diner with white units ready for me to throw in loads of pastel colours.  I will eventually change the flooring but haven't decided what I want yet - these decisions are hard!  The kitchen was already painted lilac and I had planned on repainting it mint, bought the new paint ready then changed my mind and have kept it lilac.  It may still end up mint but for the moment I am enjoying it as is.

The kitchen before and after:

We haven't made many changes to the structure of the room apart from replace a hideous light above the table that looked like a UFO.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it so cannot share the horror with you all!  I have filled the white kitchen with pastel colours, added a big table that can be extended to seat 8 and have turned it into the kitchen of my dreams.  It honestly looks better than I thought it ever could, I am so proud of it!  I've tried to link to everything below...

Where the magic happens, ha!

The dining area.  The chairs are going to be painted pastel colours when I get chance.  My lovely Mum made all the curtains for our new home, this fabric is from a Thai seller on eBay.

Too much to link, shout if you want any further details :)

Fruit bowl, water carafe and decanter all from Next

Sugar bowl and teapot finished off with a cute milk jug

Couldn't resist this Dishbunny Drying Rack

Love this kettle and my baby, my beautiful Kitchenaid

  Yeah I didn't really need this egg house but couldn't resist! haha

Butter dish and toaster (matches the kettle!)

These ceramic bottles from Next make cute vases

Trolley from Ikea 

I love a good cup of tea!

Yep I am sad enough to have a custom print of my Kitchenaid commissioned...

I adore these Jam Jar lights from Next, they really finish the kitchen off

I haven't actually baked in this kitchen yet, I am a bit scared in case the oven isn't as good as the old one in the flat!  It's not a fan oven but thankfully is still a double oven.  I can't wait to get my first cake under my belt and have the girls round for a little tea party. 

Hope you love my kitchen as much as I do, judging by the reaction to a sneak peek on instagram I am thinking it gets a big thumbs up!


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wednesday Wants

Today is internet day! At long last.  It felt like my arm had been cut off and I have really missed twitter and you guys.  Only got it for a few days though as on Saturday I am off on my holidays to Derbyshire and will be without internet for another week.  Woe is me!

I love the detailing on this New Look dress although I am not sure how it will work with either a bra or the sun.  Dodgy tan lines ahoy!  Would look fab with an actual tan though.

Dress: New Look 

How pretty is this Miss Selfridge dress?!  I love everything about it apart from the fact it would look rubbish with black tights.  Not ready to go bare legged just yet.  Again this dress would look amazing with a tan and would look just as good dressed up with heels as it would dressed down with flats.

I've been going gaga over this fruity little number from my favourite brand Sugarhill Boutique.  Yet another dress that would look best with a healthy glow (where are you sunshine?!) Just looking at it makes me want to be sipping cocktails at sunset somewhere very exotic. Sigh.

These wedges would work with any of the above which means I must get them as I am defo going to end up with at least one of these dresses, right?!

What's caught your eye this week?


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Excess Baggage

I'm off on holiday on Saturday and although I am not hoping on a plane I am travelling by car so will be packing hand luggage of my own.  I've always wondered what others pack in their hand luggage, some people seem to take as much stuff as I pack in my hold suitcase!  I like to travel lightly so I can wonder round the airport with ease looking at all the duty free waiting to be snapped up!

This handbag from Next is gorgeous - my only requirements for a flight bag is it must have an across the body strap and do up, I don't want my belongings rolling down the aisle!


I said I like to travel lightly!  I only pack the absolute essentials plus a bikini in case anything happens to my suitcase (thanks for that paranoia Kate!!)

In my hand luggage you will find:
My kindle, holidays are all about reading for me
My passport and tickets
A cherry chapstick
My point and shoot camera
A bikini

I will also have what can usually be found in my bag, my purse/phone/minimal make up. 

What do you put in your hand luggage?  Any essentials you think I am missing and should consider?

*This post is in collaboration with Next*


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Check Mate

I did mean to post this on Friday but have been too busy, time has been racing by. I've posted a few instagram snaps today if you fancy a nose, my username is amilliondresses. We have almost finished the house, just a couple of things left to build, chairs to paint and then the big internet install which I cannot wait for! I know I've been lucky having an iPad with a 3G card but it really is not the same, I find it really hard to type on this damn thing!!


Anyways onto this outfit. I picked up this Topshop dress in the sale. I had been keeping a beady eye on it waiting for it to hit the sales rack. It's a fab colour and I love the simple pattern. It's jersey so really easy to wear. I know I always wear this cardi, I can't help it - I love it so much! The only days I don't wear it are if I am wearing a jumper or if it's in the wash! I am looking longingly at my nails, haven't worn falsies in over a week :( So looking forward to getting them back on next week, feel a bit naked without them.


Dress: Topshop

Cardigan: H&M

Court Shoes: Clarks @ Spartoo Shoes*


Hope you're having a fab weekend whatever you're doing :)



Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wednesday Wants

Being up to my elbows in paint and having no Internet connection hasn't stopped me online shopping! Oh no. Would take a lot more than that, haha. Whilst armed with a roller I've been dreaming of summer days and BBQs in our new garden and have found the perfect little dresses for the occasion.


Gingham always makes me think of summer and this beauty from WhitePepper is just perfect. The slight smock-ness means it is perfect for lounging around in and over indulging in a burger or two, no one needs a tight waist band when there's food involved.


Dress: WhitePepper @ asos


Denim is perfect for long, hot days. No chance of creases spoiling the fun, just throw it on and forget about it. This little denim skater dress from Missguided is perfect!


Dress: Missguided


How nice is this colour?! Not sure it would work with my hair but I want to find out. Love everything about it, the buttons, the shape and of course the pockets! I do love a good pocket.

Dress: Topshop


I fancy a pair of these converse ballet pumps, they would look fab with all of the above dresses and be a staple of my summer wardrobe.


What's on your wish list this week?





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