Monday, 29 April 2013

Sporty Spice

This is one of those outfits I am just not sure about.  I took these photos a few weeks ago and haven't yet shared them which is usually a sign I don't really like how the outfit looks!  I wore this dress teamed with a black cropped jumper when I went to see my Mum recently and she asked me how comes I was wearing such a boring outfit... hmmm maybe she is right!  It doesn't fit that well and anything that is a bit over sized around my torso area makes me look bigger than I am.  I can see that it doesn't fit well under the arms either although I honestly don't make a habit of standing around with my hands on my hips other than in outfit photos I promise!

I guess I wanted in on the sports luxe trend, shame it doesn't work for me!  I defo feel like a more girly sporty spice with the baseball inspired dress and my wedged Ash trainers ;)

Dress: Topshop
Trainers: Ash @ Spartoo Shoes*

Might have to use it as my decorating dress when we move, I don't really have any old scruffy clothes for that kind of thing!  Whilst I am on the subject of the house move any tips from those of you who have moved recently?  Anything I need to remember to do?  Anyone created a handy check list I can steal??



  1. No check list unfortunately but make sure you have the kettle, teabags/coffee, milk and biscuits to hand - think of them as being in your hand luggage :-)

    There's nothing worse than getting to your lovely new home, being surrounded by boxes and not being able to find the kettle to have a cup of tea!

    Good luck with your move! x

  2. this dress is waaay too nice to use for decorating you meany! you look lovely xo

  3. My top tip is to wear inside-out tracksuit bottoms for painting, that way if you get paint on them they are not totally ruined for future gym visits! I saw this dress the other day and kind of liked it, even though I wasn't sure if it would suit me. I like it on you though!

  4. I think it looks lovely on you, it'll be really nice for just casual days!

    Put all the important things in one box, kettle, mugs, tea bags, screwdrivers, you get the idea xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  5. Personally, i think you look great rocking this sport luxe outfit! x

  6. What an amazing Outfit..! Looking Gorgeous! All you need is a pair of designer eyewear with this outfit, and you will be out of this world..! :) xoxo


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