Monday, 22 April 2013

Polka Hearts

I caught sight of this Dorothy Perkins dress in one of their emails as I glanced at it half awake on a Sunday morning and it was love at first sight!  They also happened to have 20% off that weekend so I hot footed it to my local outfit and a purchase was made.  A pretty dress for under £15 is always a winner in my books.  I love the polka dot/heart pattern and teamed it with one of my eBay necklaces to add a splash of colour.  I am wearing crop tops under most of my dresses still, it's finally starting to warm up but still isn't that warm yet.  I have put away my winter coat now though so no more cold spells please! 

Top: Topshop
Necklace: eBay
Court Shoes: Clarks @ Spartoo Shoes*

You might have seen on twitter yesterday that our internet has been cut off by Sky :(  I cancelled our contract ready for moving but then extended the cancellation to the 15th May but they didn't do what they were meant to do and no seem unwilling to help unless we take out a new subscription and even then we would have to wait two weeks to be reconnected.  I have a 3G card in my iPad and have added blogsy so will do my best to blog as often as you are used to but can't guarantee that this will be possible.  I am currently stealing my sister's internet as it's just so much easier to use my laptop.  Fingers crossed when we finally move BT will be quick at installing our new connection.  Sky can do one if they think they will ever get our custom again.



  1. Lovely outfit xx

  2. This is a lovely little dress which looks like it was made for you! Tis cute and sophisticated all at once. You certainly can't beat a trip to Dorothy Perkins when on the hunt for a gorgeous dress!


  3. Love this dress, the pattern is so cute! That sucks, I can't ever seem to get blogging on my iPad right. Hope it gets sorted soon xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  4. Such a cute dress and necklace. I also love your nails x

  5. Love the pattern, it's really cute. What are you wearing on your nails? :)

    1. I am wearing orange falsies, link in this post


  6. When I first glanced at the top photos, I thought the white of the pattern was meant to be diamond rings. Took me a while to focus properly & see the hearts!

    It's a very flattering cut on you =)

  7. I love this dress. We had huge problems with sky! It took us 1 year and 8 months and countless letters and emails to get money back that they owed us and when they finally admitted they were wrong we got a very half hearted apology! X

  8. This dress is gorgeous. Sky SUCK like big time, but then again Virgin (who we're with now) aren't all that much better!x

  9. That is such an adorable dress and yay for bargains too! It looks so cute on you with that fabulous necklace.

    Ah I feel your pair! One internet provider messed up the cables of another in my area so I was stuck without internet for far too long for my liking! I hope it's sorted for you soon!

    Florrie x

  10. Love that dress, the print is fab!
    That sucks about your Internet, BT were very quick to install our home hub, if that's any consolation. Xo


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