Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Nailed it!

Since posting a photo of my new eBay nails on instagram I have been asked a few times where they are from so thought I would share the full details here.

I have been using a mix of the paintable nails and pre-coloured nails for a while now, I had stuck to high street brands for the coloured version up until now but as these eBay ones are so cheap (I can get 25 sets for less than one high street set costs!) I thought I should give them a go too.  The quality is the same as the branded nails I was using in my opinion.  I tend to change my nails every 5 days unless I fancy a change of colour sooner.

You can pick up 600 nails for £3.60 inc p&p here
You can pick up 120 nails for £0.99 plus £1 p&p here

They don't come with glue and I haven't yet tried any of the non branded ones you can buy on eBay.  My favourite drugstore nail glue is Nailene Ultra Quick which I buy from Superdrug.  The other ones I have tried seem to be thinner and can cause a bit of a mess as they come out too quickly and get everywhere!

You could get up to 50 pairs per pack if you're not as fussy as me - there are 12 nails to a strip and I use two strips to get a full set.  I like to wear the same numbers on each corresponding finger which wouldn't be possible to do using just one strip.  To explain what I mean please see the set below, I have painted the nails that I will be using, the rest will just get binned as they are not the right size for my nails...

Let me know if you try them and also if you have found an amazing nail glue, I would love to hear about that!



  1. I've never tried false nails but they might be good for me actually. I normally get nail polish everywhere when I'm doing my nails! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  2. I love the way false nails look bit I'm yet to manage to wear them for a complete day without one or more pinging off! Haven't tried the nailene glue so may give that a go - being able to wear a set for 5 days would be amazing.

  3. I don't think I bought these exact ones, but have some v similar to try out (they've only been sitting here since Dec). Now I've had to file all my nails off, might actually get around to painting some!

  4. I've bought similar sets in the past and I also recently bought some sets of European Style Short like the ones you linked after you mentioned it in Derby but I still find the thumbnails are so long! Really can't get used to it and as I mentioned to you I cannot text with such a long thumbnail! Need to retrain myself, haha! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook


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