Monday, 1 April 2013

I want to ride my bicycle!

I hope you've all had a great Easter break.  I've had a really lovely time, we started the long weekend having sausage and mash at my favourite restaurant in Warwick, then the next day we did a spot of home ware shopping and ended up in TGIs (on a Friday, no less!) before going to see Trance (I recommend and not just because James McAvoy is lush!). We went out with friends on Saturday night which involved far too much tapas and then spent Easter Sunday eating roast dinner and seeing family.  Unfortunately today I have to go to work but hey it's been a longer than normal weekend so I am okay with that!

Great Plains asked me to review an item from their new collection and I couldn't look past this uber cute bicycle print skirt, how ace is the print?!  It's longer than I would usually go for but oddly I didn't mind that too much.  I was worried it would look really frumpy, I might still get my Mum to take it up a few inches for me though.  It hangs beautifully and is all lovely and swishy.  Gemma recently blogged this skirt too, I love how she has styled it.  I decided to keep it simple and stuck to black basics.

Skirt: Great Plains*
Top: Topshop
Court Shoes: Clarks @ Spartoo Shoes*

The Clarks shoes are so comfy, they are the perfect height for me and all padded inside so I can wear them all day without feeling it.   I have accidentally grown my hair a bit too, what do you think?  I was meant to get it cut last time it was coloured but didn't end up doing so and I quite like the result.  



  1. Oh I love the bicycle print! So cute. I was all confused when I saw the title of your post, was thinking "but she said she didn't like riding bikes!"

  2. Hello gorgeous skirt, how lovely it is. Love your bright nails too <3


  3. The skirt is so cute! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend too xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  4. Beautiful skirt. Your post has made me want tapas! xx

  5. that hair colour is amazing on you and hello fancy nails !

  6. Completely in LOVE with that skirt. Great outfit :) x

  7. Love the skirt, but would REALLY love to know which Clarks shoes they are? I've been trying to source a particular pair which are out of stock Chrorus Voice in black snack skin effect), but wondered if this was another pair similar? Happy Easter.

  8. Gorgeous skirt, I don't think it needs altering, the length looks great on you. x

  9. Love this outfit!
    And those nails are amazing

  10. Really love this outfit! And you look so slim! Gorgeous. xxx

    1. oh my gosh just realised the skirt has pockets! I love it even more!

  11. I LOVE this skirt and you look amazing!

    Maria xxx

  12. this skirt hangs on you so well, makes you look tiny! xx

  13. I was just thinking that that length is perfect for you when I read that you were thinking of taking it up. This is a really flattering length as it is. I would leave it.


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