Thursday, 4 April 2013

eBay Gems

I absolutely love gaudy gemstone necklaces but don't enjoy the price tag attached to them in the UK.  Topshop & asos I am looking at you, £40+ for cheap junk jewellery is just not acceptable!!  I usually get my hit of tack from H&M or F21, this has all changed following my discoveries on eBay.  I now spend around £5/6 per necklace including P&P and have a couple of weeks wait whilst they wing their way to me from China. I have already shared my purchases on instagram and had a few requests for links so thought I would share my finds here...

These were my first find and what made me carry on searching, at under £6 each they really are a bargain.  I have been wearing the orange one non stop since it arrived.  The quality is the same as all other high street gem necklaces.  I am waiting for the blue one to arrive and might have to go back for even more colours!

The lovely Victoria shared this in on of her fab weekly eBay posts.  She really is the queen of eBay!
I loved the necklace when I first saw it on asos but not the £60 price tag... the eBay necklace is identical and was only £10!

These are my newest purchases, I haven't had time to wear them yet but can't wait to!  Again the quality is as you would expect.  My photos of these didn't turn out too well as it was dark by the time I got home so I have used my instagram photo and included the stock photos too.

I also bought this lovely Casio watch from an American seller.  I first fell in love with it when it was priced £40 but sold out and had to track it down... good job for me it was sold out as I managed to snap it up at £16.99 inc postage and it took around a week to arrive.

Have you found any bargains worth sharing?  Link me up in the comments below please!



  1. Great stash lady! I 100% agree with you that highstreet retailers waaaay overcharge for pieces of cheap jewellery. I've found some fantastic geometric bib necklaces on eBay recently for as little as £1.50 a pop! I've been wanting to wear more statement pieces and this is a great way to make it affordable. I really like your choices too. I can imagine the blue version of that gem necklace looking fab teamed with some of your gorgeous frocks! Have a fab day lady xxx

  2. I love ebay for a bargain I got an AA 3d mesh jumper dupe for £6.99. ('ve instgramed it if you want a look. Also bought the cutest furry fleece jumpers with teddy bear ears for lounging around the house xx

  3. I'm not really a watch person but that one's lovely. Three cheers for Ebay!

  4. love all of these! going to buy that pale green one now :) x

  5. I love these,great bargains just gone and bought one of the Gem knecklaces in blue, :)x

  6. Really liking the pale green one, must get on ebay, what bargains. I kind of loathe paying Topshop /Accessorize prices for what is essentially cheaply made jewellery.

  7. I LOVE these jewelled necklaces, I'm off to stalk eBay for some!

    Maria xxx

  8. I love your selection and I'm going on eBay right now! ;)

  9. Love the last round of necklaces, I have missed wearing them as I have a stupid ID tag at work that gets tangled, but may have to try and get back into it. BEst bargain on eBay lately is the Oxford shirt that came in at £13 inc P&P which fits a dream and is 100 times better quality than any of the highstreet ones I've looked at, and a really simple, plain black crew neck jumper which was £16 inc P&P- doesn't sound a bargain, but it's long enough, it's plain black, it has a crew neck. Have I been able to find one anywhere else that fits? HELL NO.

  10. I love the necklaces! I never think the big ones suit me though. The watch is perfect, gutted theres no more :( xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  11. I love eBay for jewellery, it always seems to arrive fast too. I love your top necklaces, really pretty xx


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