Thursday, 11 April 2013


Unless you avoided twitter last night I am sure you will have seen many tweets and photos from the #axcircus event, there were hundreds of bloggers in attendance and we are a snap happy bunch.  The reason behind the event was to showcase the first television advert from AX Paris, a big deal for a brand that has been going for 21 years!  I loved the coloured dust (?!) puffs in the video, they made a great impact against the white background.  We also got to check out the new range first hand and I for one have fallen in love with the colour clash paisley skirt - it's a beautiful mix of blue and lime and the material is lovely and heavy so it will hang so well.  Oh and it's only £22!

For me it was also an excuse to see some of my favourite faces and have a good catch up.  I didn't get chance to snap everyone I chatted to (I also didn't want to appear too stalkery!) and there was way to many people there to even attempt to talk to everyone.  We were treated to circus style acts such as fire breathing and acrobats none of which I successfully photographed, that guy spinned way to fast!  Rosie managed to get a fab unintentional shot of his crotch though! haha. 

I didn't spend too much time round the photo booth either... Steph was totally hogging it anyway so it was hard for anyone to get a look in! Hehe.  I have instagrammed a few of the photobooth snaps today if you are interested.   It was a lovely night, thank you so much AX Paris and Etail for inviting me and a special thank you to Kim and Emily, you guys rock!



  1. Ahhh it was so lovely to see you Sarah! Why don't you live closer?!

  2. haha the quote about steph makes me chuckle.. oph you guys are all my dreams.xx

  3. Was lush to see you as always darliiing! Lets try and make it sooner than 6 months time before we see each other again! xo

  4. Steph really was hogging that thing - haha! Shame we didn't meet, there was just so many people. Oh what a night ;)

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  5. It was SO nice to see youuuuuuuuu Sarah! We really don't hang out enough. Much love <3

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