Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Wednesday Wants

I know I did a kinda wishlist type post yesterday, still feel like I can't miss a Wednesday Wants though! Good job there is plenty of dress candy around right now, I could create a wishlist every day of the week from all the new season goodness.

First up this week is this pretty paisley number by Annie Greenabelle via Topshop.  I bought my first Annie Greenabelle dress back in 2008 (was also a paisley number!) and still adore it today... if only it still fitted!  It's ethically made too!  I have been thinking recently about being more commercially aware of my purchases and although I don't think I will be anything other than a mass consumer I am making more of an effort to buy either locally or ethically.  I already buy fairtrade products in the supermarket where possible and no longer buy any clothes from Primark but feel that I am not doing enough.  I am looking for a backpack for an upcoming walking holiday and love the handmade bags Traidcraft have on offer.  Any website recommendations for me?

Sugarhill Boutique's SS13 range has started arriving online and getting me all excited for their new dresses, no one does a pretty print like they do!   I am loving their aptly named Brighton Rock dress, how cute is the heart pocket detail?

I want this dress.  It's adorable!  Unfortunately I have never found a flattering swing dress :(  Anyone with a bit of a belly want to prove me wrong? I just end up looking pregnant, not the look I was going for.  Sigh.

Dress: asos

I have a thing for ugly shoes and these certainly fit that brief!  I also love a t-bar and can hear these beauties calling my name.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all!

Flat Shoes: Vagabond @ Spartoo



  1. I'm too scared to try swing dresses.

  2. Nooooo, not the ugly shoes!

    I have one swing dress (it's fairly mental with massive cherries all over it) and yup, it can make me look a bit pregnant but I like it, so I'm not bothered! Is the ASOS one worth a try if you love the print? You could always pop a black or white belt on it to turn it into more a skater style.

  3. I love the swing dress, but I avoid them too

  4. I love both dresses you picked out.. the first one reminds me of a holiday! Probably cos the stripes make me think of beach umbrellas/parasols.. hehe ;)


  5. Love the blue and white stripe dress, swing dresses scare me a little bit xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  6. I love the swing dress, but I avoid them too

  7. I love that Topshop dress so much, just have a feeling it'll be on the short side unfortunately :(

  8. I love the swing dress but unfortunately I look like a sack of potatoes in that style of dress :(

    Maria xxx

  9. Hi there. I love the Topshop dress. Gives waist, the black on top gives a more elegant figure, and the best attracts looks to the bottom part ;) . I also love this gold string gorgeous dress @
    they have so many beautiful dresses, wish could have them all...

  10. I am OBSESSED with Sugarhill Boutique, and I totally agree -- no one does a print like they do! I love the heart pocket detail!!


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