Thursday, 21 March 2013


Last weekend I rocked up to a beautiful National Trust house with 11 other bloggers and a little dog called Bodhi for a fun filled weekend that consisted mostly of cake (and taking photos, natch!) Norbury Manor is breathtaking, set in stunning grounds right next to a Medieval church it was hard not to imagine being the lady of the manor.  We had all seen the photos of the house but they honestly do not do it justice.  It is so opulent with wooden panelling and luxurious furnishings everywhere.  And it is huge.  The master bedroom is the biggest bedroom I have ever been in and that's ignoring the adjoining drawing room!

Photo Credit: 8&9 taken by Sarah | 11&12 taken by Rosie

We spent our days lounging around, eating cake and drinking tea and our evenings playing boardgames, watching Clueless and 10 things I hate about you, perfect!  We did manage to fit in an afternoon stroll to help burn off some of the cake and take in the beautiful countryside.  And of course we took plenty of outfit photos, I will be sharing mine with you all soon! 

A big thank you to Alex for inviting me and organising the whole thing, it was such good fun.



  1. Those running towards the camera photos are the best. I just keep going back to look at them - I need a flicker book with them all in!

    I miss the cake.

  2. I've just been on A Rosie Outlook's blog and it looks like you guys had so much fun! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  3. right, where are all these awful photos of me emerging from?! Alex has a hideous one but I forgive her because she also has a gif of us. AMAZING.

    I miss Bodhi and I miss cake and I miss being lady of the manor with 11 other nutters :( xx

  4. PFFFFFT. Gem looks beautiful in the photo she's talking about, not hideous at all! For a bunch of fashion bloggers we are all hilariously anti having our photo taken.

    I want to go back. Right now. It was such amazing fun and I miss you all horribly.

  5. I'm so jealous, I want a weekend in a posh manor house with my fave bloggers and a DOG! Bodhi is so cute. Would only hurt my dog broodiness though haha.

  6. It was so lovely to see you (and all of your wonderful cakes ;) haha!) Hope to see you soooooon!

    Maria xxx

  7. Norbury Manor will always hold a special place in my heart! I totally fell head over heels for the amazing interior and gosh didn't we all just have a blast of a time. Love the fact we spent most of the time doing the things we love - walks, chic flicks, cakes & chat!
    It was lovely to meet you Sarah.

    p.s You make the BEST cake. And brownies.

  8. I love the Photos, I'm not even from the UK & I know almost half the other bloggers, were hanging out with. All Beautiful Ladies! I love Your Pj's! SO CUTE!! & your Nails are so pretty & that Blue looks so good on you.
    Xo Pam

  9. Loving the onesies! It looks like you all had the most amazing time. x

  10. Loving all these Norbury posts- such an amazing place and to finally meet all these bloggers!!!! I bet it must have felt surreal as well as totally brilliant!!!


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