Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday Sweets #23 Easter Rocky Road

If you gave up Chocolate for lent and made it this far I salute you!  I had to make sure this weeks baking installment is suitably chocolatey for you all.  Rocky Road is so simple to make and as it's Easter Sunday I thought I would share an Easter themed version, you can use any of your favourite Easter treats, I went for mini bunnies, mini eggs and creme egg splats.  I would usually use mini marshmallows but couldn't get any anywhere so went for standard ones that I chopped into three before adding.


200g Dark Chocolate
50g Milk Chocolate
2 tbsp Cocoa
135g Butter
2 tbsp Golden Syrup
100g Mini Marshmallows
200g Digestive Biscuits
200g Mini Eggs
2 x Packs Mini Malteaster Bunnies
1 Pack Creme Egg Splats


Line an 8" square baking tray

Bash up your biscuits until they vary between dust  and 50 pence piece lumps

In a large saucepan melt the butter chocolate and golden syrup over a gently heat stirring continuously until there are no visible lumps of chocolate.  Remove from heat

Add the biscuits, marshmallows and mini eggs and egg splats to the chocolate mixture.  Stir until everything is completely covered

Tip the mixture into your baking tray and make sure you spread it out to the corners

Top with your bunnies and add a few eggs and sprinkles if desired

Refrigerate for at least two hours then cut into slices and enjoy!



  1. LOVE IT! The bunnies on top make it look really sweet too! Looks so tasty. I need to get some vegan marshmallows so I can make rocky road again, it's so easy and soooo good! xx

  2. oh my god! I've tried making tiffin before and it never ever turns out, I didn't realise you had to add butter and syrup, lol! I've just been doing melted chocolate and wondering why it just turns out like a solid thing, bleugh! Creme egg splats and bunnies though, amazing idea <3

  3. I tried making rocky road a couple of weeks ago and it didn't turn out very well. I've bookmarked this post so I can try it again in a couple o' days!


  4. Oh my actual god this looks out of this world!!

  5. mmmmmm loving the bunnies too x

  6. Oh this looks so much better than standard rocky road, I love the bunnies xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  7. omg!! i think i just gained a stone looking at these they look incredible! Charlie


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