Friday, 8 March 2013

Signature Scent

Perfume is something so personal and to just catch it's scent can set off many emotions and trigger memories.  Over the years there have been many now famous quotes relating to perfume, I agree with Jean-Paul Guerlain - "Perfume is the most intense form of memory"

Spraying a mist of perfume once dressed has long been part of my daily routine.  I guess routine is the right word to describe my love affair with perfume, once I find one I like I usually stick to it until something triggers a change.  In the past that has been constant sneezing every time I wore it (honestly!) or a new boyfriends ex having worn the same perfume, no one wants to smell like someones ex now do they?!  In the run up to my wedding I read a fair few articles on choosing the right sent for your wedding day, I hadn't even considered that you could make a mistake! I've taken a trip down memory lane thanks to the help of Fragrance Direct...

My first real perfume was Obsession by Calvin Klein.  This is the perfume that made me sneeze all the time!  It was bought for me as a gift and in hindsight was far too old for an 18 year old me.  It was never repurchased but sparked my love affair.

I moved onto something far more fitting, Acqua Di Gio by Armani.  The sent reminded me of  summer days and is wonderfully light.  I think they have renamed/rebranded it since I bought it, the photo above is what mine looked like! No idea if it smells the same.  This is also the perfume that reminded an ex of his ex so needless to say a whole bottle and all the creams I had gathered were quickly given to a friend.


I then moved onto Clinique Happy, I bought it pretty soon after it came out and wore it for years and years.  I did get a bit annoyed when my sister decided she loved it too and started wearing it.  It was MY perfume! haha.  My sister still wears it and I moved onto a designer rather than a single perfume!


Daisy was my first Marc Jacobs purchase and to date probably my favourite of the lot.  There was quite a lot of hype around it when it was first launched and I got sucked in and bought it soon after.  I adore the smell and this is the perfume I wore on my wedding day.  Hopefully it's also the perfume that reminds my husband of me whenever he catches a whiff of it!  There have been many versions of this perfume since it was launched in 2007 but the original is still my favourite by far.

My most recent addition is Dot by Marc Jacobs which was bought for me by Gray.  I love how fruity it is and obviously how cute the bottle looks on my dressing table.  Haha.  I have become a bit of a tart of recent alternating between Daisy and Dot.  Daisy wins hands down for my long term affections ;)

Are you like me - have you been wearing the same perfume for years or do you mix them up depending on your mood?  What's your signature scent?

*This post was written in collaboration with Fragrance Direct*


  1. Oooh I used to wear Aqua de GIo!
    I've also had phases of CK ONe (cringe!) when I was in high school, and then moved onto Dior's Dune for many years although have recently moved on again to JPG Classique, which is all I wear now.

  2. Ahhh Daisy. I'm wearing that today. I loved this post. It got me thinking about the perfumes I've treasured over the years. I tend to have a few on the go at once, otherwise I get bored of a perfume very quickly. My childhood faves were CK1, L'Eau d'Eden and Nina Ricci. Ahhh :)

  3. I love Daisy, it's definitely next on my wishlist! Angel is my all time fave xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  4. Yes, I definitely stick to one scent . My favourite for a long time has been romance by Ralph Lauren. People smell it and know I'm about! I buy the odd different one now and again, boss intense or boss orange are both really nice. Love Chanel chance too.

  5. Acqua Di Gio is my all time favourite fragrance - so gutted it was discontinued I now where lots of fragrance in bid to conserve my stash of it x

  6. I used to wear Acqua Di Gio too. I currently wear Tom Ford Black Orchid but I just bought myself some Dior Dune which was the first perfume I ever wore, my Mum bought it for my 15th birhtday. I haven't really tried any new perfumes recently...I shall have to have a wander around the perfume counter! Great post xx

  7. My very first perfume, which was bought for me as a present as a pre teen was Charlie Red. I loved it and wore it religiously for a few years. On a holiday to Portugal with my parents at around 14, I bought Hot by United Colours of Benetton with my spending money. It certainly kept me dreaming of long summer days during the cruel British winter. Then along came Tommy Girl, the scent of my GCSE years trying to catch the eyes of the boys at school. Nowadays, I am a huge fan of Ange ou Demon Le Secret by Givenchy for grown up events and night time playtime but still flirt with Hippy Fizz by Moschino, Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui and Boss Orange Sunset for daytime.

  8. I'm a signiture scent girl although I do swap around... Vivienne Westwood Boudoir is my nightmare smell and Chanel Mademoiselle is my day to day and then I'll have one or two others that I throw in if I'm feeling brave!!



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