Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Most Wanted - SS13

I haven't done a round up wishlist for a while and there is so much amazing stuff online I just couldn't resist putting one together.  This little lot won't break the bank either, the most expensive item is only £40 which considering it's a jacket isn't bad!  Budget clothing sites have gotten so much better recently, the quality and the fit have improved no end, great stuff!

Missguided - I'm still in monochrome mode and my picks reflect this.  The first dress would be ace for chilling at the weekend and the second is perfect for a night out.  I am living in crop tops (for layering purposes only on me!) and adore these two.  If you can pull them off stock up on crop tops, they are going to be on toned tums everywhere when it gets a bit warmer (making those of us who cannot pull them off green with envy, ha!)  How perfect is the ombre skater skirt?! Too cute!

 Dress 1  |  Dress 2  |  Top 1  |  Skirt  |  Top 2

Boohoo - I cannot tell you how much I wish I could pull this dress off, I know I would just look preggers in it :( Oh but I love it so.  This biker jacket is just perfect, I love that it's made from a tweed type fabric.  The first jumper is even called Sarah, a sign that it really needs to be mine!  Once I get my arms sorted I wanna rock off the shoulder dresses/tops, there are loads of really lovely ones around right now.  I have actually added a splash of colour with this blue cropped jumper, I love a good cobalt blue with monochrome.  I wear a lot of cropped jumpers, they allow me to stay toasty whilst still showing that I have a waist!

Dress  |  Jacket  |  Jumper  |  Top  |  Jumper

Glamorous - I have been lusting after several Glamorous dresses recently and have been really lucky that they have gifted me one of them, will be sharing that with you in an outfit post soon!  It's really no secret that I love polka dots, well I love these GIANT polka dots even more.  The daisy print on this dress is just adorable, as is the full daisy print on the jumper, can't decide which one I love more.  The graffiti print on the skater skirt would look great with a plain black top, perfect for chilling at the weekend.  I am getting a bit too sporty for my own liking right now and cannot help but be drawn to this lightweight baseball style jacket.  Perfect mix of smart casual.

Dress 1  |  Dress 2  |  Jumper  |  Skirt  |  Jacket

What have you been lusting after recently?  Any stores hitting the spot for you?



  1. Those Glamorous picks are amazing, I want that dress and jumper!

    Maria xxx

  2. Oh that bardot top with the numbers is fab, I'd be putting that on my wishlist if I hadn't given up spending for Lent. Boo.

  3. Love the first dress and that ombre skirt is perfection! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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