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My style is pretty set, I know what I like and I know what suits me and do not deviate often from this tried and tested formula.  This got me thinking about brand loyalty and more specifically my love of converse.  I don't have much loyalty when it comes to buying dresses- you make a pretty dress at a good price chances are I will want it.  Shoes are a bit different though, I have been there with cheap shoes and my feet didn't appreciate it one bit. 

I only took two pairs of shoes on holiday with me last year, a pair of sandals for the beach and my favourite Converse.  They went with all my dresses (there were a few!) and meant I could explore for miles without worrying about sore feet.  I was sad when it was time to retire them for winter and dig out my boots.  I have been wearing my new wedged Converse non stop since I got them, I know they are not to everyone's taste and some even feel that something as iconic as Converse shouldn't be messed with but they are so comfy to wear.  And you can't see the wedge from the front, they look like a standard pair of converse ;)

Gray's shoes of choice also happen to be Converse, he even wore them to our wedding along with his ushers.  I joined them in the evening and was grateful to kick off my heels and switch to something I could dance in (read as jump up and down in!)

Tate has already worn his first pair of Converse a few times and has three more pairs waiting in the wings for when he starts to grow out of them.  There is something about mini Converse that makes me coo.  Forget the actual baby I go gooey over miniature Converse!

There is honestly nothing more adorable than a kid in Converse as my niece Emma showed at our wedding.  We have bought her brother Charlie a pair for his first birthday too!

I have been browsing the Converse from Bank Fashion and have added these to my wishlist, how amazing will they look come summer with a pretty little dress?!  That is assuming we have a summer this year...

Converse: Bank Fashion

Are there any brands you remain loyal to?
*Part of this post was written in collaboration with Bank Fashion.



  1. I don't think I have any fashion brands that I remain loyal to, but there definitely is some with beauty. I automatically go to MAC and Lush for pretty much anything. I do love their stuff but I also can't be bothered trying something new in case it's rubbish!

  2. I guess I have to say Irregular Choice here, right?
    Other than that, I stay loyal to brands and shops I receive good service and quality from, but there are so many different places you can go for certain products, online especially, that I'm not adverse to taking my loyalty elsewhere if I've received bad service from somewhere.

  3. I love how converse look and they go soo cute with a dress but to my dismay they just don't suit me (I think they look better on smaller feet and I'm a size 7) So I'm a Vans girl, and the fact they have Hello Kitty print is just a complete bonus :) (although not to my bank account :)

  4. I'de say I'm loyal to Estee Lauder for make up and Viv when I'm feeling fancy but I'm like a magpie and will try anything fits pretty no matter what the price or brand.

  5. Utterly adore that wedding photo of you, SO cute, really makes me smile! Love that you slipped on your Converse on your wedding day, such a good feeling to take your heels off and put on something more comfortable! Really love those Converse wedges you have, might have to copy you for about the 100th time and get some too ;) xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  6. I'm definitely loyal to converse too! I bought my first pair at 14 and have been loyal ever since! Haha xxx

  7. Mine for footwear is Havianas! Even brought a new pair in purple metallic for the maternity ward jx

  8. I never think to wear my converse with many of my dresses might have to give it a go :)

  9. I've worn Vans since i was 13, so even though they have become a bit too mainstream I still love them, and find them comfier than Converse

    Michelle xx

    Under The Cherry Rainbow

    Shop: Jelly Button
    Shop: Cherry Rainbow

  10. I adore Converse! Still still have my first pair, which are admittedly rather tatty and can't be warm if it's even slightly wet outside, but I haven't the heart to replace them. My collection of them aren't as big as they used to be, I have a habit of wearing them until they break, but there's something about them that will keep me buying more.
    Jodie xx ! Future Freaks Me

  11. Oh my your niece is so cute in her little converse, love the photo of you and your man too, so sweet! I love converse, I must have had 10 different coloured pairs over the years, still love my white ones best even if they are filthy! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  12. Love this post :) I love that you wore them at your wedding too. I'm going to go for purple high tops too, I think xx

  13. I love converse; the cheaper knock offs just don't had a candle to the brand! Xo


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