Saturday, 16 March 2013

Handle With Care

I know a lot of bloggers get inundated with emails from readers, I am not one of those so when I get an email I always try to follow them up as quickly as possible... this one had me stumped though, it's all about looking after the many clothes I own!  It's not something that is often discussed on fashion blogs and after my recent request for help on twitter eliminating static I thought it's about time I addressed it!  The email was lovely and long and I am sorry this blog post has taken a while to write and I am not sure I am best placed to offer any tips as you'll no doubt see!

Long term readers will know that creases are my bug bear.  I buy most of my clothing online and there is nothing more off putting than a dress arriving looking like it has been screwed up and sat on.  Couple this with the fact I really, really hate ironing and you can easily see this is a problem for me.  If it creases easily it gets returned no matter how much I love the style and the fit.  And if it needs ironing once washed who knows if it will be worn again ;)  Thankfully the majority of my dresses are wash and wear types, me getting the iron out is a very rare thing.  Hair straighteners have been known to sort out hems and collars first thing in the morning.

I also usually forget to read washing instructions, remembering once I have started the wash cycle!  I can't remember the last time I dry cleaned a dress although I am pretty sure I must have a fair few dry clean only ones.  The same goes for handwashing, if I kept the item to one side waiting for me to get round to that handwash it would never be clean again!  My rule of thumb is most garments are fine if you wash on 30.  I use whatever washing liquid tabs are on offer and always use a scoop of Vanish.  My Mum taught me the value of Vanish back when it was just a little bar that I thought was standard soap.   I've not found anything better for stain removal.  I'm also a bit of a messy pup, often spilling grease from cheese toasties down my front or wiping my cake batter covered hands on my skirt forgetting I haven't put on that apron! 

Living in a flat I don't currently have the luxury of hanging washing out to line dry, there is nothing better than getting in to a bed with fresh line dryed bed linen!  This will all change when we finally move thankfully.  For the past few years it has been endless loads of washing and drying in our combination machine, usually requiring two cycles of drying.  The only washing instruction I do usually follow is the dry flat one, usually reserved for knit wear - I have found if you don't follow this you can end up with some strange shaped clothing!  I tend to wash it on 30, spin dry it and then it lives on the side in the kitchen til dry.  My Mum advised to place the dry flat item on top of a towel to dry and this has always worked for me.

The biggest issue for me currently is static, I think I generate enough to power our house!  I have a couple of chiffon type dresses that are really bad, almost to the point that I can't wear them so next time they are washed I will be pinning a safety pin to the hem and wiping them with a tumble dryer sheet when dry, both tips I have been given by twitter friends.

Do you have any washing tips you would like to share? 



  1. Oooh interesting! I do indeed have a pile of 'must hand wash' stuff that arm, still hasn't been hand washed! It says dry clean only but thats not happening haha! Must get some Vanish too - I still have the bar and forget to use it! xxxx

  2. This is quite insightful, I never consider the washing needs of anything. Everything goes in the waster and the dryer!! The only things that escape from this is knitwear, but I haven't bothered doing anything more than just sticking them on top of the boiler- I think i'll take your tip & start drying them flat on a towel :)
    Poppy | far away

  3. I bought a beautiful cashmere jumper from a charity shop but I've yet to wear it more than once because I can't be bothered to hand wash it. So lazy! However it says its a size 18 but it fits my size 10 shape so clearly someone else just chucked it in the washing machine!

  4. Great post, I really try to avoid buying dry-clean only clothes but some shops are really awful for it - every dress I own from Oasis seems to be dry clean only but I've always machine washed them and they've been fine. The safety pin trick does help with static! x


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