Monday, 18 March 2013

Burglar Bill

*If you currently use Google Reader to read blogs I am sure you'll be aware that the service is being discontinued on 1st July.  You can follow me via Bloglovin here.  I am going to be trying Bloglovin out on my own blog for a few days to see if I gell with it and if so will make my many bookmarks redundant too!*

I was amazed at the reaction when I instagrammed this River Island crop top the other day, your kind words meant so much and felt fab so thank you!  It's such a great length and made from a lovely thick fabric that makes it so flattering.  I have teamed it with an Oasis sale bargain I hadn't got round to wearing yet, the pleather skirt makes it into a fab night out outfit. The skirt is now only £12 and still available in a size 16 on their website ;)  I dressed it down with my favourite Converse shoes in yet another monochrome outfit!

Skirt: Oasis
TrainersConverse @ Spartoo*

I have found another co-ordinating iPhone 5 cases that I need!  It's black and white polka dot but with a white trim rather than a black one, I think it looks pretty funky and more importantly it will work with all my current favourite outfits!   Why are good iPhone 5 mobile cases still so hard to come across?! 

I have been away this weekend with 11 other lovely ladies so expect a few posts this week showing you what we all got up to!



  1. You are properly rocking the monochrome look here Sarah! It looks amazing with your red hair :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. Love this top, it looks great on you :)
    Will have a look at this bloglovin' thing as well..

  3. Love this outfit and love that you've found a matching iPhone case! I get all my iPhone 5 cases on eBay. Burglar Bill was one of my fave childhood books, he used to nick really bizarre things though, toothbrushes and baked beans if I remember rightly? xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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