Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wednesday Wants

Oooh hello midweek! You've come round nice and quick this week... thank goodness! I haven't slept very well so far this week and am so tired, not even going to get a lie in this Saturday either but I am off to London for fun times.  Best arm myself with a few matchsticks!

Top of my wishlist this week is this Topshop pinafore, yep it's the same style as my burgundy one in a lovely teal colour.  I really enjoy my pinafore and wouldn't mind adding another to the collection.

Dress: Topshop

I shy away from swing dresses and smocks as I don't find them that flattering on me, I need something to highlight my waist.  I am drawn to the print of this asos one though and think that because of the shape of the skirt it won't be too bad, whatcha think?

Dress: asos

I can't help it.  Hearts make me happy, I love this fabric and the shape of the dress.  It's a total bargain too!  Gray thinks our new home will be filled with hearts (it will!) and I think it should also creep into my wardrobe.

Dress: New Look

I love ugly shoes and am not ashamed to say so! These are the right mix of ugly and cute in my opinion and look lovely and comfy.

Shoes: Timeless @ Spartoo



  1. I want a pinafore! *pouts and stamps foot*

  2. Ooh I'm wearing a denim pinafore dress right now! Alas it's not quite as pretty as the teal one but I rather like it anyway :)

  3. I love pinafores so much, still looking for the perfect one for me though! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  4. LOVE the pinafore dress. So cute! Petrol blue is one of my fave colours too x

  5. Love the pinafore, the colour is gorgeous. Hope I'm brave enough to wear one x

  6. The pini looks great, I kinda want it now :p

    R x


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