Monday, 11 February 2013

Bold Stripes

Monday comes round so quickly :(  I had a lovely relaxing weekend though, hope you guys did too!  You will have read this already if you follow us over on Where Are My Knees, this week I lost my first stone of the year! RESULT!!  I treated myself to a couple of potatoes with my roast and a pudding, last treat til I shift the next stone, I want to lose a further 14-21lbs in time for summer and am well on the way to getting to my target weight.

This Missguided dress is pretty similar to the Motel one I purchased earlier this year (but haven't yet shared on here, will rectify that soon!) It's more work friendly as it actually covers my butt... it's a bargain at under £20 too.  I decided to team it with my new polka dot shoes, I love mixing spots and stripes.

Cardigan: H&M
Dress: Missguided
Shoes: Rocket Dog @ Spartoo*

I have another busy week planned hopefully followed by a nice relaxing weekend, have you got any exciting plans for the week? There's also that little Valentines day to think about... I've got Gray a little pressie and we're going to see Die Hard, perfect!



  1. Such a cute combo!!! The dress is so flattering, I'd never have thought that would be possible with stripes! also nice to know some Missguided stuff isn't super short - the lace skater dress I once ordered was tiny in all senses, and that's always put me off ordering anything again. xxx

  2. Oh I love that frock! You so suit monochrome :)

    Congrats on the weight loss too! Are you finding this method easy to stick to?

  3. I had some real gravy with my roast this week, bliss!

  4. Well done on eth weightloss! I've bought a similar dress from toppers recently xx

  5. This is so similar to the Motel dress. I love it! Well done on your weight loss! And good luck with the rest, it will be so worth it in the end!

    Lindsey. x

  6. Wow, well done on the weight-loss. I seem to have lost my motivation as I'm not seeing any results at the moment, so maybe I need a proper food plan.

  7. Love this dress. Well done on the weight loss, you look amazing! xx

  8. Yesss, the dress really flatters you! I love monochrome, it is my favourite trend atm ♥

  9. Congratulations on the weight loss, that's amazing! Love this dress on you, the stripes are so pretty!

    Maria xxx

  10. You look amazing Sarah, well done on the weight loss xx

  11. Good luck on your goal weight! The dress looks fabulous on you! Love it with the H&M cardigan!

    Just stumbled across your blog- following you now :)

    Xo, Janelle GlamorousMama

  12. I love this dress, you look gorgeous! The monochrome trend is one of my favourites at the mo xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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