Friday, 8 February 2013

Andy Pandy

Good morning all.  I am feeling particularly cheery today, The Harcombe diet is really suiting me and has made me feel so much better in general.  Almost worth doing without the weight loss for this reason alone!  Work colleagues have commented on how much 'fresher' I look and I no longer suffer from the dreaded 3pm sugar slump which used to have me almost dropping off at my desk.  I kid you not... all this without the help of caffeine, who would have thought?!

I am wearing my new French Sole shoes, I now understand why they have a cult following - they are just so damn cute and pretty comfy.  I didn't get the totally flat ones as I don't find flats very comfy, these have a very slight wedge heel which is enough to make them like slippers.

Pinafore Dress: Topshop
Top: H&M
Shoes: French Sole @ Spartoo*

I love this pinafore.  I don't care if it makes me look about 5 it makes me happy.  I really fancy rocking this at a gig but always manage to forget about buying tickets (have missed the last two Maccabees tours because of this :( ) I used to hang on the phone on release day desperately trying to get tickets to see all my favourite bands.  Haven't had time to go to many gigs recently, last band I went to see was The Cribs who were bloody amazing.  Hannah told me about StubHub which is owned by eBay and allows you to buy tickets from other fans without the worry of getting ripped off or the tickets not arriving in time.  I wish I had of known about this when my friends missed out on Robbie Williams tickets.  Click here for more info, they also offer theatre tickets and if you're that way inclined sporting events!



  1. I am so gutted to have missed out on this pinafore, and on FallOutBoy tickets today.

  2. LOVE THIS DRESS. I need it.

  3. I love this pinafore! I've been eyeing one up in Miss Selfridge recently, they're just so cute!

    louisejoyb x

  4. You look lovely! I adore the pinafore with the spotted top underneath xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  5. Love the pinafore. Sounds like the Harcombe diet is really working for you. I seem to have fallen off the wagon a little bit! xx

  6. I ADORE this pinafore, totally tempted to get the black one!

    Maria xxx


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