Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wednesday Wants

Another monochrome wishlist this week, I just can't help myself! So many lovely items to choose from.  I adore this Oasis dress although don't think it will be that forgiving over my tummy.  I would rock it with the polka dot shoes, love mixing spots and stripes!

 Dress: Oasis

How lush is this boohoo pinafore dress?!  You can't really tell from the photo, it's covered in little spots as well as the polka dots.  This baby is in my basket, will it be one of my 4 dresses this month?! 

 Dress: Boohoo

I have a think for pinafores right now and this one is so cute, it's a petites dress so might be a bit short for me.  Annoying!  I would love to try this with a striped shirt underneath, not sure it would work so I would love to see if it does.

 Dress: Miss Selfridge

I really want a pair of polka dot shoes and these ones are beautiful.  Now just need to find them with a shorter heel so I can walk in them!

Shoes: Rocket Dog @ Spartoo



  1. I used to buy lighter hair extentions then colour them to match my hair. Wish my hair was super long like the haim girls. Might get that boohoo dress when I get paid tomorrow :) xx

  2. I love the boohoo dress! As for hair extensions, would it be possible for you to dye them same colour? If you are going to buy clip in's its often worth getting them and going to hair dresser to have them cut in. Just a thought :)

  3. LOVE the polka dot pinafore dress. Ahhhh I love polka dots..

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE both of those pinnies, but especially the Boohoo one! Boohoo does throw up some gems sometimes.

  5. Love your picks. I am having a pinafore moment myself and have just purchased the Miss Selfridge polka dot pinafore which I am posting about today. It's love :) X


  6. I so want a pinafore dress, they are so pretty, love your pics

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  7. I love the pinafore and those shoes- stunning!
    Jodie xx | Future Freaks Me

  8. I use clip in extensions when I go out sometimes to add a bit of volume. Luckily I found the perfect match, i' say you are best off going to the hairdressers to get them cut in as the can look a bit 'fake' if they don't blend.

    Michelle x

  9. clip in extensions are great for adding volume, as i think the longer you go the faker they can look! maybe try a half head first and see if you need more? If you don't find the perfect colour match just dye them with your usual colour- but this only works if you buy human hair not synthetic! I'm sure they will look great :)

    Jess xo

  10. I love everything you've chosen! The pinafore is my fave, I really want one for the Spring xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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