Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wednesday Wants

I was meant to be writing this post when I discovered my 'only just over a year old and purchased from Jessops' point and shoot camera has given up on me.  I am so annoyed! I turned it on to check the battery ready to take with me to London today and the lense jammed open.  I have tried everything bar taking it apart :(  I still have my Canon from about 4 years ago which works as well as it did new (I look after stuff) but unfortunately the photo quality isn't good enough anymore.  I praying for a miracle that it will just start working again!  Anyhow as a result this weeks wishlist is rather thin on the ground, sorry about that!

This Missguided beauty reminds me of the Motel dress I featured (and bought) a few wishlists ago, it's a fraction of the price though at under £20.  Looks a good length too, perfection.

Dress: MissGuided

 I love the contrast between the collar and cuffs and the fabric of this Boohoo dress.  Especially love the use of pleather.  Only problem with dresses with white collars is foundation marks... no worries here as you could easily wipe them off!

 Dress: Boohoo

I am loving the dye of the fabric on this next MissGuided dress, it is so cool!  It does look pretty short though :-/

Dress: Missguided

Whats caught your eye this week?



  1. I love the Boohoo dress, and the shoes are so cute too! xo

  2. Love the boohoo dress. I wanted the motel wone but it'sout of my price range! x

  3. I love that tie dye style dress, it's so unusual. It does look a bit short though xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  4. that first dress is almost exactly the same as the motel and topshop versions, but way cheaper - woo hoo! Payday purchase I feel :) x

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