Friday, 18 January 2013

School Girl Spots

Another monochrome outfit post for you today.  I have actually worn a different monotone outfit every day this week, told you I was obsessed!  Got several comments when I wore stripes and a beret, apparently I looked French - no stereotypes there at all!  I picked up this cute pinafore in the Miss Selfridge sale.  It's now sold out online but I am guessing you will still be able to find them in store, mine was the bargain price of £20.  Wearing a pinafore always makes me feel a bit school girly in a good way.  I teamed it with this bargain polka dot skirt from H&M and it feels pretty smart.

Maybe I should have worn my bowler hat and added a satchel and gone whole hog on the school girl look?!



  1. I desperately want a pinafore... But I'm a teacher so doubt I could pull it off without looking like a saddo/ a bit creepy. love the way you've styled the dress! I reckon you should go for it with the watch. It's so pretty and doesn't look like it would snag too much?xx

  2. I'm absolutely loving Pinafores at the moment, they are really cute! Miss Selfridge also does this lovely polka dot one that is on my wishlist when I get paid! X


  3. I love this pinafore on you, you look amazing!

    Maria xxx

  4. That pinafore dress is really lovely! I've seen a few of them around recently and think they look so cute, definitely on the hunt to get one for myself.
    As for whether the watch would catch, I'm not sure, maybe if you could see it in store and see how rough the surface of the strap was you'd be able to judge better?

  5. I love layering with pinafore dresses, they always look adorable. The bowler hat and satchel would have definitely made great additions if you wanted a full on school girl look.

    I really like the watch. I think it should be fine for everyday wear, mine has quite a few stones around the face and I was worried it might be a bit much but it's been great. Best thing is to try it on and see what you think of it I guess.

    Pre-birthday Happy Birthday!

    Jodie xx | Future Freaks Me

  6. Cuuuuuute pinafore dress :D

    And congrats in becoming an Aunty :D xXx

  7. I love this look on you, the pinafore is perfect so gutted it's sold out online xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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