Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Say It With...

Flowers!  We all know that the dreaded V day is quickly approaching.  I'm not one for big romantic gestures on a predetermined day of the year though I have to admit when these beautiful flowers were delivered to me at work yesterday I did feel pretty special.  Who wouldn't want flowers delivered to them?  Certainly beats a bunch picked up last minute from the garage down the road!

The bouquet* that Interflora sent me contains a mix of tulips, carnations and a beautiful red rose.  It is so pretty and beautifully presented.  It also came with a box of champagne truffles so you can really spoil the love of your life!  You can find this bouquet and other stunning Valentines gifts over on the Interflora website.  Gray if you're reading this I wouldn't mind if you wanted to send me flowers ;) haha.

What do you usually do to celebrate Valentines day?  Do you send flowers or go out for a swish meal? Or do you prefer to bake a cake and knock up a fancy meal at home?  Gray wanted to go to Vegas for his 30th this year which won't be happening now we are moving home so I might just cook him a special meal. I do usually make him heart shaped sandwiches to take to work too, hehe.  Bet he eats them really quickly before his work mates notice :D


  1. What gorgeous flowers! Might have to leave this post up on screen in hopes my boyfriend will catch a glimpse ;)


  2. Hahaha to the thought of Gray eating his heart shaped sandwiches.
    I'm not all that fussed about Valentine's Day traditions, although the loveliest one was a bank-breaking stay in a 5* hotel with an amazing meal and that's one which will stick in my mind forever I guess.
    I think it more depends on the company, though as I've had some lovely Valentine's days which have been meals at home and thoughtful presents, so it doesn't always have to be a lavish gesture.

  3. Such pretty flowers, I never get over how much I adore roses and how gorgeous they are :) xx

  4. I don't do Valentine's Day... I really don't, even when I was with my ex I ignored the day completely! And now that I'm single, I'll definitely be ignoring it! Those chocolates do look yummy though... xx

  5. The flowers are gorgeous! I love flowers, shame dont have anyone to send me them though ha. xx


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