Monday, 14 January 2013

Luxury Spots

I treated myself to this little Whistles number in the asos sale.  I had my eye on it for ages and waited for it to go in the sale and then whipped out the 30% discount code I won via yourvine.  Hello £66 Whistles dress!  I am building a wardrobe of quality more work friendly outfits and this is the perfect addition.  Monochrome spots mean I totally loving it right now but it is classic enough to be timeless.  The perfect combination.

Dress: asos
Ankle Boots: Blink @ Spartoo*

I've been wearing it with ankle boots but will crack out the shoes as soon as it gets a bit warmer.  The boiler at work was condemned over a month ago so it's pretty cold first thing in the morning.  It's hopefully getting replaced this week so I might brave a pair of shoes (or if it does snow I will be digging out my snow boots!)



  1. I love it, and it's definitely a timeless piece!

  2. I absolutely love this dress Sarah! The shape is so flattering on you too. Whenever I see any long sleeved dress it just reminds me of you haha!

  3. I love this dress, Whistles have so many beautiful clothes!

    Maria xxx

  4. Oh that's beautiful. Love how the spots get larger towards the bottom of the frock - makes it more interesting than a normal polka dot pattern :)

  5. Gorgeous dress, you look fabulous x

  6. You look gorgeous in this! xo

  7. ahh your blogs adorable i love it!

    check mine if you like :)



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